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The Seven Talismans
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This is the first of a new series. The 2nd book is virtually completed.

Fortunately my novels are better than my blurbs. My best Beta reader says, "Yes, your blurbs are terrible, but I'm not writing them!" So no blurb here. It's on the links below.

About the Trader's Isle series:

Smashwords: They also distribute to  Barnes&Noble, Apple, Kobo, Tolino etc. Smashwoords downloads are suitable for very old or newer Kindles, Kobo, Nook, epub or Kindle apps, old Sony LRF or later epub Sony models.

Amazon: Also all other Amazon Marketplaces. Only for Kindle or Kindle App. Download via PC and transfer (sideload) via USB or else Amazon adds unwanted DRM via KFX.

Corvids Press are now looking at several suppliers because CreateSpace rebranded Amazon. So I don't think any paper editions, even of the older books, are available right now. I hope that's sorted out soon. No Corvids Press title as DRM because paper has no DRM. DRM is about control, not protecting copyright or prevention of piracy.

Currently I'm rewriting the 7th Talent Universe book and have nearly finalized four Celtic Otherworld books, started one and three are ready for release. The hard SF "Eden Seeds" is on the backburner as is the "Dark Ops" series. Dark Ops is about a group of people working in an Irish Data Centre, but secretly employed by a very secret Irish Agency. There is a real one so secret that no-one knows its name.
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