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Author Topic: THE FIRST RULE OF ADVENTURING - a Pratchett-esque comedic fantasy adventure  (Read 457 times)

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Cover art credit to Grinning Feline - https://www.facebook.com/GrinningFeline/

THE FIRST RULE OF ADVENTURING is a Pratchett-esque comedic fantasy adventure set in the Cruxverse, where music is magic, no one fights werecreatures for free, and even the Composer Gods have to pay rent.

You might have read my same-universe short, Crux Skullcrusher and the Definitely Evil Sword.

Here's a blurb for TFRoA:

He was just trying to be polite.

ASMUND ALEFSON is a professional adventurer who hates his job.

SILGA GOLDENFIELD is the chronically-kidnapped princess that he accidentally inspires to become an adventurer.

Unwilling to dash her dreams, and because dead princesses result in low-or-no reward, Asmund reluctantly takes Silga on as an apprentice.

Little do they know, her life choices have run afoul of more than a few dastardly schemes, as an old enemy of the Norlanders waits in the shadows, and a very strange goose follows them around from job to job.

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Hope you enjoy!
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