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Author Topic: [Free Ebook] Exosolar: A Sci-Fi Survival Story  (Read 695 times)

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[Free Ebook] Exosolar: A Sci-Fi Survival Story
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"On Day One, Eva was crawling through the ruins of a crashed starship, countless light years away from safety. On Day One Hundred, she was running through the jungles of a hostile planet, the demons of her past biting at her heels. They would not stop until she was dead, and she would not stop until she reached Earth.

The Age of Man has ended. Desolate planets and shattered starships fill the void of space, and the wrathful manhunters have conquered the cosmos.

Humans, who had once ruled the stars, are mere prey to these immortal aliens. They patrol the galaxies in massive ships, mercilessly killing every human they find.

Survivors like Eva must traverse through the shadows of space, for they are constantly being hunted by the enemy. Earth, the only planet the manhunters have been unable to destroy, is their only hope for survival.

Exosolar is a sci-fi Survival story that chronicles the journey of Eva, one of the last humans left alive. With danger lurking on every planet, she must find her way back to Earth, and defeat the demons that seek to destroy her."

Exosolar is a story that combines the adventurous thrills of Science-Fiction with the gritty, gruesome action and suspense of Survival stories. It is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic tale centered around a survivor who must do all she can to escape from the clutches of an enemy she cannot hope to defeat. It is also a story written for lovers of Sci-Fi video games like Halo and Mass Effect, as well as horror Sci-Fi movies like Alien, The Thing, and Predator! I'm giving it away in the hopes that people will read and enjoy it!

Thank you all for your time!

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Re: [Free Ebook] Exosolar: A Sci-Fi Survival Story
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Re: [Free Ebook] Exosolar: A Sci-Fi Survival Story
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