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Author Topic: Nemesis of the Nin Witch: The Woven Paths KS  (Read 475 times)

Nemesis of the Nin Witch: The Woven Paths KS
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The Kickstarter for the second interactive fiction gamebook in the acclaimed Woven Paths series is now live. We launched less than 20 hours ago and are 20% funded but we would love to see you there!


The Woven Paths are a series of fantasy gamebooks inspired by the old-school 80s genre of interactive fiction (Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, Choose Your Own Adventure etc). Bringing the gamebook concept up to date, Woven Paths also features a deeply immersive game mechanic, creating an experience which is as close to a solo roleplaying game as can be achieved. Each book is printed to A4 format in full colour and on the highest quality paper. Hardbacks are also available.

Re: Nemesis of the Nin Witch: The Woven Paths KS
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We didn't fund the first time around so we've relaunched with a lower goal and funded in 24 hours. Please if you were interested check out the new KS https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1268585855/nemesis-of-the-nin-witch-0