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Author Topic: Looking for friendly readers who would just give me some honest feedback  (Read 490 times)

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Ive got two books. these are connected and form part of an ongoing series. If anyone would like to read one of these, I'd be happy to forward them a free copy in return for - just honest opinion.

ive not put them out on amazon yet. tried amazon in the past and I'm looking to go the 'own website' route with these books first.

They are of course fantasy, one about saving a city, the other about the rise of an 'evil'. I could go on about them, but if anyone is interested, just let me know.

thanks very much, feel free to email me directly.


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PM me a link to the book. A bit busy at work, but if you can wait a week or so, I can do it.
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the link on amazon is here if anyone is interested I'm happy to email them a free copy to read in return for some feedback.


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Says not available for purchase...
Not all those who wander are lost

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thanks Bender.

I don't know why that is unless its because I changed the detail and price (reduced it) and it took it off while it did that. is it available now? should be $2.99 amazon.com.

looks ok when I check it on amazon.com but who knows with amazon.

thanks for letting me know but I'll email you a free copy.

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free book for anyone interested?
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hi, my website is now up. if anyone is interested please take a look. I am happy to give away the first book to any interested readers.

you would just need to let me know via email (on my website) and I'll send you a copy. hopefully you would enjoy this and want to read the next book.

thank you


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Sorry Paul, haven't gotten around as I'm "busy" vacationing. Will get back to you asap.
Not all those who wander are lost

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no problem at all Bender, was just seeing if anyone else wanted to give it a go

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Send me your book and I'll have read in 14 days. I know your struggle, im having it too.