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Author Topic: Free for 48 hours - Kings and Daemons (The gifted and the cursed book1)  (Read 102 times)

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Hi everyone. Just a short update to announce that the book will be on sale for free for 48 hours starting 17th June PDT on amazon/kindle if anyone wishes to take advantage. Its being timed to coincide with a very favourable fantasy blog release... so to celebrate it being well received... I want to share the love.


Welcome to my post everyone, and what an amazing forum.

I have just released my first book on amazon. The trilogy has been a year in the writing, but only book one has gone through that huge process of editing, proofreading, cover design. The others are on their way.


The title of the trilogy gives away the underlying theme of the book. In a genre that is overwhelmed with individuals graced with amazing talents, or powers (rightfully so, it is fantasy after all) ... I have added a twist to the tale.

In this series, we find those who are gifted also carry a curse, and throughout the trilogy the main characters find out sooner or later what that curse may be.

It is an epic fantasy series for young adults, and most definitely adults. A tale of conquest that envelops nations, dark kings, daemonic heroes. It has a tragic love story that fits in with the darkness of the series and i'd like to think an ending to book three that readers will not see coming.

My website is www.marcusleebooks.com and you can read the book blurb there if you are interested, or of course on the amazon link.

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