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Author Topic: Into the Second World, An Altearth Tale  (Read 563 times)

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Into the Second World, An Altearth Tale
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My new novel is available on Amazon. It's an old-school adventure tale, involving plenty of magic with a side of science.

When Gabrielle Lauten sets out to cover the search for a missing explorer, it’s her big chance to be taken seriously as a journalist. What she finds will test her courage, her strength, and her faith in science.

The Queller Expedition is heading into the deepest caverns of Altearth, led by a crackpot professor and guided by a dwarf who claims to know how to get past the Troll Gates. Traveling along forgotten paths, the expedition discovers a lost civilization of fabulous magics, strange peoples, and fearsome monsters. It’s the story of the century.

But some civilizations don’t want to be found.

Now, Gabrielle and her companions must find a way to get home again, before the Second World kills them all.
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