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Author Topic: Fantasy Short Story Ebook Free for 2 days. Seeking reviews and downloads.  (Read 460 times)

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Just released part one in my Guardians of the Tide short story series, Moonrise's Call. I am seeking reviews and downloads from fantasy readers. To get there, I have set my Kindle promotion for free Ebook downloads from Midnight PST 12/23 until Midnight PST 12/25.

The ocean world of Nix is held in contention by its three moons. Mountainous tides follow in their wake and only the diligent watch of the Guardians of the Tide enables civilization to persist. But while they chase the heavens, a new dark threat is growing deep in the Nether Sea at the core of Nix. Not even the Guardians may be strong enough to protect existence from its touch.
The unique gifts of an orphan named Aust may be all that can save the world of Nix from spiraling into Oblivion. Through his life, he will wear many names. Orphan King. Waverunner. Tidal Born. But all lead to one destiny, Guardian of the Tide.
Begin Aust's story here with the first installment of the series, Moonrise's Call.


Thank you for any help you may give me. And I look forward to getting to know the members of this community.
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