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Title: Doctor Leviathan volume one graphic novel
Post by: paperx on February 04, 2018, 10:11:05 AM
Greetings horror writers and comic book fans my name is Jim Banks and I am the editor of Leviathan comics. I published my first Goth horror print and kindle graphic novel last year called Doctor Leviathan volume one. This graphic novel takes place in a world overrun with a million super-powered madmen , monsters and assassins. These beast terrorize mankind and in a world where monsters run amok, sometimes it takes a monster to fight monsters. This monsters name is Doctor Leviathan. This graphic novel has intense art and great writing for fans of horror and graphic novels. This book is very graphic but a lot of fun. I have loved comics and graphic novels since I was a child. I started self publishing books in 1996 and this is my first graphic novel that I have put out. You can visit the links below to see the artwork on its Facebook page or see the paperback or kindle book versions.
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