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Author Topic: Metaworld Chronicles: An Urban Fantasy Epic (1 million + words)  (Read 551 times)

Offline Wutosama

Hi everyone, my name is Wuto (Wutosama) and I am the writer of Metaworld Chronicles

After 1.1 million + words published on Royal Road, I have finally put out a book, but you don't have to buy it if you don't like it, the Web version is 100% free! I am here to make a post after many of my readers recommended it :D

Free to read web version

The book itself:
Vol.1 covers CH 1 - 47
Amazon links - There's a print copy as well ^^
Universal link for other sellers -

About Me:

Professionally, I have a B. Arts B.Ed, I am based in Sydney, I have two cats, and I work with literature and language on a daily basis. Though certainly not the best writer on this website, I do put out work of a consistent quality very quickly. My most relevant pre-writing experience is that I ran a community-based D&D game as a young warthog back in the 00s - 10s, running 12-hour marathons monthly. At our peak, we had over 8 DMs and 50+ players. Keeping a story consistent over 7 years, 60 adventures with all the Players trying to derail you. Now that I have no time to run games, I can only write to let out that steam.