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Author Topic: "Damned children of Naor" dark fantasy book is already avaliable!!!  (Read 1836 times)

"Damned children of Naor" fourth book of my dark fantasy series is already avaliable!!!!
You are all invited to visit land of Naor!!!

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Re: "Damned children of Naor" dark fantasy book is already avaliable!!!
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Review of my "Damned children of Naor" Written by
Raine Award Winning Author "Raine, Award Winning Author" on Amazon:…/…/ref=cm_cr-mr-img

5.0 out of 5 stars EXCITING!!, July 13, 2015
This review is from: Damned Children of Naor (Kindle Edition)
As a sci-fi reader I really looked forward to reading the book Damned Children Of Nair by Justine Plights-Jendzio. I have read a previous book by this author and I was not disappointed. The author has an amazing ability to bring new ideas to the field and she has done it again!

As I started to get a feel for how the book was written I really enjoyed the stories and it was obvious the author has done some research further work. The book is made up of different stories all involving demons.

My only disappointment was that some stories were left without a conclusion however many were drawn to an end.

I certainly believe this author is very clever at story telling and will be pleased to see more of her work.

Re: "Damned children of Naor" dark fantasy book is already avaliable!!!
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4* review for "Damned children of Naor" from Stephen Rees-Carter (on Amazon):
Damned Children Of Naor is a collection of three short stories by the Polish author Justyna Plichta-Jendzio. Each story focuses on a different character and their struggle with the dark forces that inhabit the work of Naor. While the world is the same, and there are a number of common themes that flow throughout the book, each character and story is unique and offers something different to the reader.

Justyna must have a very broad vision of the world of Naor in her head, as there is an immense backstory that is referred to throughout the book, and she often has to pause and explain various elements to the reader, as the stories move very quickly with a lot of mentions of things within the broader world. At times these explanations can be a bit lengthy and distract from the story itself, but there is so much backstory that you can understand why it has been included.

As mentioned previously, each character is written in a different way, and each story has a very different feel to it. This makes each story feel unique, and does a great job of keeping you interested - you don’t feel like each of the stories could simply be one larger story - and nothing feels like it is being reused needlessly.

Damned Children Of Naor is a good read for anyone who likes dark fantasy. Justyna has a lot of stories to tell and a fantastic world to write about, and I hope she keeps writing.

Re: "Damned children of Naor" dark fantasy book is already avaliable!!!
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Another 5* for "Damned  children of Naor" by Larkin Livesay (published on Amazon):
Justyna has fast become one of my very favorite dark fantasy writers. Some of the other reviews went into detail about the stories in this novel, so I will concentrate more on the overall novel. Once again, Justyna visits her world Naor, a land filled with magic, demons and all sorts of exotic and dangerous creatures. The humans in her world are flawed, envious, weak and strong, often heroic and valiant. They are believable characters, human in every way. I am always impressed with the consistency of the rules of magic and supernatural, which is lacking in a lot of fantasy novels. Justyna builds her world and obviously spends much time in developing everything involved to make a place that while full of magic and sorcery is still very honest and believable.

As in her other novels of Naor, the land or setting places an extremely important part of the stories. So much so that the setting is almost a character in itself. As a reader, I enjoy the thrill of discovery, the sense of wonder she is able to create in her descriptions of the environment in which the action takes place.

Justyna's writing style has become very professional, and the bottom line is that I simply enjoy her story telling. After all, isn't that what reading is all about? This is a great novel for fantasy enthusiasts and I look forward to reading more of her work.

Re: "Damned children of Naor" dark fantasy book is already avaliable!!!
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A review of "Damned children of Naor" by Roland, blogger in The Nic Report:

Re: "Damned children of Naor" dark fantasy book is already avaliable!!!
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Re: "Damned children of Naor" dark fantasy book is already avaliable!!!
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Another review of "Damned children of Naor" anthology, given by Miguel Guhlin, blogger of Around the


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