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Re: Using social media
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Lots of great responses. Not sure i can really add anything. But ... I'll try.
First off, if you haven't already, check out Joanna Penn at thecreativepenn on YouTube. It has some great tips & links about how to use social media.
Second, identify your audience and focus on the social media platforms that your audience is using. So for example, Pinterest is used primarily by women and Instagram is good for YA. Although, I write YA and have no idea what to do on Instagram!
Then connect with people. This is the tricky part, especially for writers. But I've found FB groups really welcoming. Try Indie Authors Group & Insecure Writers Support Group. As for twitter, just google tips on how to use it. Sounds silly, but it really helped me. I also use crowd fire, which helps to quickly follow people that share my interests. I simply find someone, like a booktuber I know, or an author who writes similar books to me, and then I look at there followers. Apparently only 10-15% follow back, so the advice I got was to follow about 200-300 people a day. Make sure to have a profile picture of yourself, and a good bio. Don't use endless hashtags or promote your book no stop, and in my experience, images work better than words or links.
There's also the link on this forum for twitter. You can follow people from there too. Good luck :-)

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Re: Using social media
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Interesting info, as I'm struggling with the promotion and sales end of things with self publishing myself. Thanks guys!
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Re: Using social media
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I'm in the same boat, not necessarily to promote myself as a writer, but helping my wife with her indie romance (Which launches in 17 days). 

I can reiterate some of the above things.  Twitter is great, not necessarily for the book, but for you.  I love the engagement with other authors, personalities, etc.  But it requires a boldness, and the knowledge that you are throwing thoughts into an [insert metaphor for vastness and empty space] and hoping for an echo.

If you are serious about the work, find a pro editor.  If you want to get notice, look into a professional PR blast.  We've got one (lovingly donated by another author who has found some success and is repaying our editing and beta-reading efforts) for three months for the launch of the book.

The way to beat Facebook's algorithm is throw money at it.  Boost your posts.

Many writers are introverts, and the market is constantly shifting and changing.  The joy and hazard of the modern indie scene is that tastes change constantly.  The tide swells and recedes.  The social aspect of it all can be intimidating, overwhelming and cause much emotional distress.

So keep this in mind, as you embark on this journey:  Have fun.  You are doing something that you love, so keep that love close to you.  Push your own boundaries, but don't betray yourself.  None of us write for the money.

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