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Have you ever been persuaded to buy an author's books because they tweeted or posted on Facebook?

No, never
25 (53.2%)
5 (10.6%)
Sometimes, if their pitch is good
5 (10.6%)
Yes, but not often
10 (21.3%)
Yes, often
2 (4.3%)

Total Members Voted: 47

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Re: Twitter/Facebook Marketing
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This is a good thread.

When my book was launched, I tweeted about it all the time. I used to do one liners to 'hook' the readers with the link to my book. I believe I sold precisely zero books using this method, but facebook seemed to be more successful (but that's probably because its my friends, even if I haven't seen them for ages). Now, I have bored myself with it and use twitter to post thoughts or links on topics that interest me (usually education as I'm a teacher by day). No idea if it's led to more sales, but I have a lot more followers than when I started. (by the way, a 'lot' in this post means under a hundred but more than 50!! so take it with a pinch of salt). Oh, and buy my book, please :)