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Author Topic: Thiel "An unlikely hero, a loyal dog, a wild pony and an abandoned child"  (Read 592 times)

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Free sampler available to download from our website: http://www.snellpublishers.com/thiel.html

"A story of courage, of loyal animals, a loving grandmother, a death, a mourning, a secret inheritance, a dysfunctional family, a running away, a secret past, a mystery child, and most centrally a young hero's journey into a far off country to find his true spiritual home."

In addition to reading it, possibly reviewing it, I'd also be interested in views on:
1. A subgenre to categorise it. I don't think it can be described as high or low fantasy, maybe rural fantasy? There's no elves nor magic but it takes place in a world that isn't our own.

2. Are Fantasy Faction fans likely to be interested in this type of fantasy if it doesn't have orcs or incantations? If no, I'll go easy on promoting on this site (but I am a fantasy fan so will still participate as a reader rather than as a promoter)

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