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The World of Seizing Iron
« on: December 11, 2020, 12:38:06 AM »
What makes a good dark fantasy? Is it the bleak nature of the world the author paints for us? Is it the unknowable, incomprehensible nature of the wider world? Or is it even just that simple sense of smallness it inspires in almost everyone who reads it?

Personally I believe it might be a combination of all of those things, and I love them for it. Which is in part why I wrote this story. So please, allow me to show you my own world of blood and iron.

Spoiler for Hiden:
The Cities in Iron- Around the world, just below the planet’s greatest population centers, and the chosen hearts of several different cultures, there exist four cities. Each a damnable land of oppression, slavery, and pain for any human who finds themselves unfortunate enough to find themselves living within. They are controlled by the few and fortunate, the monsters that control the world with power unparalleled and strength unrivaled. The strongest, most fearsome, and oldest of the vampire clans.

The monsters below- Vampires are not the only things that exist beyond human perception, but they are by far the strongest of them. Few things pose an honest threat to a vampire of proper age in direct battle, and fewer still can overpower them outright. Of those none have a mind to match that of mortal men. Perhaps in some bygone era the scales of the world below were balanced more fairly against them, but now all things that can perceive the other side know just who and what controls the world around them.

The war for supremacy- Though vampires are the undisputed rulers of the world, they are far from united. Within each city dozens of clans, old and new fight for the right to control those they view as less than themselves, and in the mind of every child of the night-they should rule. The clans set aside their differences for one reason and one reason only. The other cities, waiting to finally seize the power so many others covet outright. War happens every season, emptying almost every clan of their freshest newborns, and in many cases their strongest elders.

The world that would soon descend into chaos- The wars between the houses of the east, the west, the north, and the south have been going on for centuries, each faction waning and waxing for nearly an eternity of bloodshed amongst themselves. Yet soon one mortal man may yet tip the scales. Donovan is a mortal man with no loyalties, no honor, and no reason to fight but his own obsession with a young vampire Heiress just making her place in the world. So just why might this one clever mind make all the difference?

You can be the first to find out why today by reading Seizing Iron on amazon or on kindle. Many should be able to read the story for free depending on the accounts they have. You can find the story and more on my website right now!

All criticism is welcome, but please, be constructive.  You can find my website here (

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