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Author Topic: The Pits, A Dark and Brutal Fantasy Comic  (Read 334 times)

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The Pits, A Dark and Brutal Fantasy Comic
« on: August 14, 2020, 08:55:58 PM »
Hey all!

After publishing a novel a few years ago, I decided to venture into comics. It has been a new and exciting challenge. I'm happy to say my first comic is now live on KS!


The Pits: Our Tale

The Pits, is a brand new, brutal and action-packed fantasy series set in a world where violence reigns supreme.

This particular story revolves around our blood-thirsty Elle. She was just coming into her own as a young woman when King Elroth’s raiders set upon her and her family on their farm. After an evening where she witnessed firsthand the murders of her parents, Elle was taken captive and made a slave for Elroth’s entertainment. She was made a fighter in the arena, a bloody and unforgiving contest of warriors that has become known as, The Pits.

It’s here where Elle has found her true self and her true calling. It’s here where she has vowed to exact her revenge and kill King Elroth herself.
The Pits is where she was born again, but is it where she’ll meet her end?

The Pits #1 is a full-length 22 page comic!