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The Chocolate Prophecy
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The Chocolate Prophecy

Our setting: the Idriulthorontan Archipelago - the far south of the Up side of the world - a small, remote corner of civilization. Long leagues from the much larger continent of Thaer, the Archipelago comprises a mere six countries in modern times:

Jast-Madiir: The prosperous Human nation under Czarina Pretzilvi. Their Great Harbor is the world's most vast trading hub.

Despotopia: An historically destitute Human country that has pioneered modern industry under the leadership of Kaiser Hienrechenshlagen. The dreaded Meatgrinder Bay along its northwestern coast has drawn countless unwary ships from the continent to their doom.

Maenea: An embattled former Human colony under the now-dubious sovereignty of Countess Jengadocea. A radical revolutionary by the name of Herz Bravado threatens to topple the backwater country with his mad insurrection - a crusade known only as "Free-Dome".

Roemnar: Once the wintering outpost of the old Kanaedionic Empire, the thoroughly subverted countryside of Roemnar is home to an isolationist population of Dire Herons, ruled by their equally reclusive, prophetic sovereign, Proconsul Zedulon.

Tophthera and Toefthaera: Formerly the unified nation of Tophthaera, these volcanic islands have belonged to the Meduseldan Dominion of the Berlie Beirels for seven royal generations. The Berlie Beirels caused little enough trouble in their self-imposed exile since the days of their dreaded Queen, Aedeloma. But now, with the advent of the Twin Queens, conflict, fear, and ancient evil arise once more.

From the fastness of the Ocean Citadel, the Inquisition guards against the return of Onyxadon, and seeks to impose order on a region poised for chaos. But their own Grand Inquisitor Enscharaulgk has been dead for seventy-five years. Troubles multiply while they await his return...

It is in this microcosm that we find our primary protagonist, Jek, managing a lighthouse on Jast-Madiir's disused southern coast, along with his wife, whose name escapes him, although he is pretty sure it was Aaliyah. It is really all he can do to keep the place going, satisfying the local administration, the dragonling-Inquisitors, and the jellyfish Clerks that daily flood his mailbox with new surveys. But his life of humble labor will be left far behind him when he meets an old sailor man, who brings dark tidings of a Doom Fleet - an evil he believes is inextricably tied to Proconsul Zedulon's infamous "Chocolate Prophecy."


They're just sketches on lined paper, but they are demonstrative enough, I hope. Here are some of the sorts of things you can expect to read about, if you pick this novel up:

The Sales Pitch

Please investigate this book! It's long, and courts a lot of self-aware humor, but it lives up to epic fantasy, and it comes to a big finish. Check it out here on Amazon, and please make good use of the Look Inside feature:

The Chocolate Prophecy

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The Chocolate Prophecy

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