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Steam Queen by Jack Hessey
« on: January 28, 2011, 11:26:18 AM »
Hiya folks, Jack Hessey here!

Found this website today and it seems pretty cool.

Anyway, Steam Queen is my debut steampunk novel! :)

Here's the blurb.

"Europe is a dangerous, virtually lawless place. Armed bandits prowl the railway lines in their armed Steam Locomotive looking for easy marks, and heavily armed mercenary engines travel from town to town looking for work in a world where every day is a struggle for its civilians.

Erica, an emotionally disturbed girl from England finds herself joining one of these mercenary teams. What follows is a trek across Europe to where two mighty cities, each representing a different way of life, stand on the verge of a war which will shape the way Europe develops.

On one side are the Steam using traditionalists of St Vith, led by the charismatic and cunning General Roosje Cuvelier. On the other, stands the mighty Winterscheid Diesel Empire under the iron fist of the merciless Kaiser Sigmund Eisenburg.

Two vicious armies, treachery from her own allies and the world’s deadliest super-weapon are just a few of the dangers that Erica must face in her journey."

I've been pleasently surprised at how well it's been recieved so far by folks who have read it. Was nominated for steampunk.com's book of the year for 2010 and is sfbook.com's book of the month for January.

Here's a few links to the review pages.




It's cheap too! 72p in the UK and $1.14 in the states for the Kindle. It is also for sale on Omnilit and Barnes and Noble.


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