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Book Review(er)s and first time authors
« on: November 07, 2019, 02:35:55 PM »
If there are any authors out there willing to share some stats (or tips) with me about getting book reviews, I'd appreciate it.

I recently published my first book, Tidings of Hardship, and have tried a variety of methods to build a reader base, but I feel like it's mostly been trial and error.

I've repeatedly heard that getting reviews are critical for sales. I've read several essays and blog posts and even a couple e-books that have basic tips for getting reviews (search for community of reviewers in your genre, engage in forums, go to specific websites that connect authors and readers), but nothing specific. I'd love to hear from someone who went from being a first time publishing author to gaining weekly book sales. How many websites did you visit trying to build a reader base or find reviewers? Which websites were the most helpful? How many people did you email? How many forums did you join? And how many hours did you dedicate to finding reviewers?

I'd also be happy to hear from anyone who has had success in getting amazon reviews. What were your tactics? There are a lot of people on the internet willing to review books for a free copy, however they are inundated with requests and it can be hard to find somebody with time in their schedule. I have emailed close to 50 book reviewers and only gotten one reply. That individual did ask for a copy of my book, though they have not reviewed it yet (which is fine).

I'm wondering if most self-published authors have to email a hundred or even two hundred book reviewers to find 4 or 5 people willing to write an honest review in return for a free book copy. Or is "cold calling" (emailing strangers) the wrong approach? Do you need to build a rapport with reviewers before asking for reviews? If so, any tips on building that rapport?

If anyone is interested, I'm also happy to share a breakdown of everything I've done over the past several months and what I felt was a productive use of time and what wasn't.