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Author Topic: Shadow of the Wolf by R.G. Porter  (Read 2330 times)

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Shadow of the Wolf by R.G. Porter
« on: January 02, 2011, 06:19:41 PM »
This is the first book in my Darkness Unleashed series. There are 4 total books in this series of which 3 are currently available. Links to purchase are on my website. www.rgporter.net

Drawn by honor she discovers more than she bargained for….

A woman of nature, Saleene has answered only to herself. Born with the gift of magic, she is endeavored by the council to seek out the source of the evil that has spread across the lands. What she didn’t expect was the help of a man who set her soul on fire.

Dartian is a warrior without equal, his sword and his strength of will legendary throughout the lands. He is asked to lead a group of men on a quest to rid the world of the darkness that is spreading through their world, a task he takes on no questions asked. Full of strength, he hides within a secret that only a few outside of his clan know of, the ability to change into the great wolf. Never in his life has he been questioned as he leads, always followed by those in his charge, that is, till he meets Saleene and her eyes speak defiance.

Together they find themselves immersed in a battle to save the world…but first they must learn to trust their bond… if they are to survive.
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