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Author Topic: Scouts' Dragon (full length fantasy novel) by A Tomlinson.  (Read 523 times)

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Scouts' Dragon (full length fantasy novel) by A Tomlinson.
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"The Devils in green..."
"...dirty bunch of bandits..."
"...scruffy looking pirates..."

The Royal Scouts of Tasskurr have been called many things, by many people.
They are the regiment of the King's Army who are called on when normal military tactics are not an option.
Espionage, infiltration, kidnap, and assassination are all in a day's work for Major Thurloe and his men. They get the job done, whatever it takes.

When Wizards discover the existence of a lost artifact, of great value to the war effort, the Royal Scouts are dispatched to recover it. Before an enemy brigade can get there first.

Their path leads through the mighty Korrakran Forrest, along the foothills of Saffeck Ta Mountains, and deep into Dwarven ruins.

Back in Tasskurr the race is on to uncover spies and traitors who threaten the safety of the Nation. Acting Corporal Dunne has been left in charge of the Royal Scouts in garrison, and he must prove himself the soldier he always thought he could be if he is to defeat the threat at home.

Meanwhile, at the isolated village of Hopler a young Priestess prepares to lead her people in the Festival of Summer Lights, unaware that an ancient evil looms on the horizon, and "The Wolves of Lashan Ru will ride!"

Can be found

The first recounting of the adventures of the Royal Scouts of Tasskurr.
Using "3rd person, global, subjective, narrative" or, "a bit like that fellah with the beard and hat does with his characters in that Game Of Thrones stuff..."

This novel began life on the hallowed boards of this very forum under another title, but quite a bit of that original made it to the (long overdue) finished product.

If very serious, furrowed brow bearing, fantasy heroes are your thing, its probably not for you. Several members of the Royal Scouts are the sort of men who snigger at a friend's funerals when phrases like "...welcomed into her Celestial Forest..." are spoken by the celebrant. And most of them drink far too much...

Sex, violence and profanity...
Well, no sex, but several crude references to it. Plenty of violence. And with the exception of one F Bomb, the language is crude, sometimes vulgar, but on the whole, no one gets referered to as a " Camel's @#$£.

And did  I mention that its cheap?
I'm much more interested in having people read it, than making any money out of it.

Cheers if you choose to give it a go, and... thanks for at least reading this far if you don't.