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Author Topic: Ray McCarthy's Sale end Dec 2020 (Corvids Press)  (Read 214 times)

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Ray McCarthy's Sale end Dec 2020 (Corvids Press)
« on: December 28, 2020, 01:46:42 PM »
All reduced from $3.99 to 99 cents till Midnight 31st December 2020, so only a few days left!
Still full price on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google PlayBooks, Barnes & Noble and others.
All are complete stories though the characters develop in the series and some books have some sort of overall background story arc.

All Titles by Ray McCarthy, an Irish Writer.

The Smashwords Kindle Version is Dual Mobi, all later Kindles get the KF8 format giving better appearance and also option for the Publisher Fonts.
The epub is suitable for all epub based eink readers and all epub Apps on the Fire, Apple, Android, Windows and Linux platforms. Aldiko for older Android or Lithium for newer versions. It's better to use a 3rd party epub App on iOS than Apple Books unless you buy the titles from the Apple Store.

The Apprentice's Talent
Series: Talents Universe, Book 1. This series has seven books. The last title is having final revisions.

Under the Stone of Destiny
Series: Celtic Otherworld, Book 1
By Ray McCarthy

Hero Genesis
Series: Celtic Otherworld, Book 4
By Ray McCarthy

No Silver Lining
Series: Celtic Otherworld, Book 5
By Ray McCarthy

Online previews on Amazon, example:

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Ray's Blog: