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A Man Against the World
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Hello everyone,

I just recently published my second novel "A Man Against the World" on and would be very grateful to anyone who takes the time to check it out.

"A Man Against the World" focuses on the life of Brennon, an immortal outcast born in the Dark Ages. In hopes of coping with his eternal existence, Brennon spends centuries purging himself of all human weaknesses. In 1544, Brennon decides to look for a new challenge and takes a voyage from Spain to visit the New World. A terrible storm leaves him stranded in the ocean. He mysteriously awakens five hundred years later in New York City. Brennon soon realizes that in his quest to find a new world, he has gotten much more than he bargained for...

This book is more than a simple urban fantasy or time travel story. This is a very deep, philosophical work full of symbolism and themes such as the loss of humanity, the power of hatred, duty versus morality, the value and purpose of a human life, cultural objectivity, and the direction of Mankind as a whole.

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