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New small publisher open for manuscript submission
« on: July 06, 2016, 02:07:27 AM »
Lacerta Publications, LLC is a new small publisher looking for its first set of mauscripts to publish.  Lacerta plans to focus on sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and similar work that spans multiple genres--literature of the weird and/or fantastic. They are mostly looking for finished novels, but there is also the potential for an anthology if there are enough short fiction submissions.  The website is under construction and should be up soon, but you can contact info@lacertapublications.com if you have questions or submit your manuscript at submissions@lacertapublications.com.

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Re: New small publisher open for manuscript submission
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I would urge caution here.

No website, no named people behind it, no details on how much they will pay or contract details, nor any listed experience in publishing or editing.
Get all the facts before doing anything like signing over the rights to your work.

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Re: New small publisher open for manuscript submission
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Yes, the website is still under construction.  The company is owned by Mark Wieneke, who has several years of printing experience.  Heather Maher has a degree in Composition and will be working with authors on editing.  They let me put the word out prior to the website going up--my intention was to give people a little lead time before they went live--certainly not to raise any red flags.  They will be doing small print runs and e-books, and will be offering small advances.  Mr. Johnston is correct, though, ask questions and make sure you and your publisher are on the same page.  Submitting a manuscript is not signing away any rights--just submitting doesn't bind either the author or the publisher.  They'll be happy to answer any questions via info@lacertapublications.com, or Mark can be e-mailed directly at lizardking@lacertapublications.com.