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Author Topic: my fantasy novel will be free September 25-29  (Read 242 times)

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my fantasy novel will be free September 25-29
« on: September 24, 2020, 01:34:07 PM »
My fantasy novel will be free to download from the 25th to the 29th! Give it a try if you want a plot-driven story with rich world-building (multiple POVs, locations and cultures), tragic characters and mature themes.


The Fimarans’ attempt to overthrow their god backfires. As ghastly creatures begin to fill Fimara and the world’s oceans, Fimarans have no choice but to invade neighboring Odi-Lodo, home of the Dwarfs. Centuries later, facing a revolt by the enslaved Dwarfs, Faija Soothing Wind must find the will to survive and to embrace motherhood. On the run with her daughter, she meets an ailing slave claiming a divine mission which would lead north to Fimara, the accursed land of her ancestors.

Beyond the horizon, the nations of Oria, discovering that monsters no longer haunt the seas, race to send ships over uncharted waters. Survivors of a shipwrecked expedition, historian Tellorym Lewyn, Sister Mikala, and Raysho of Alyth land on Dolixa, where the ruling shamans refuse to embrace the Dreamer’s prophecy regarding the arrival of seafarers and the impending transformation of both Dolixa and Fimara.

The first book in the Almodel’s Awakening trilogy, Of fractured lands and sundered dreams is inspired by classic tragedies where proud characters must pay a steep price for their hubris while others choose to embrace sacrifice in an uncertain pursuit of salvation. With mature themes and limited fantasy elements, the story revolves around deeply flawed characters facing unimaginable circumstances and unforgiving decisions.