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Marketing and Book Blogs
« on: September 25, 2012, 10:04:50 PM »
I have a book coming out in a month's time and I was wondering about a virtual book tour. Has anyone else done one? What's your experience? Did you sign up with a book tour organiser - if so who and were they any good? If you did it yourselves, how did you find the blogs?

My book is magic realism and the second in a trilogy.


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Re: Marketing and Book Blogs
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I've done a tour for each of my three, but I learned my lesson after the first bonkers experience and didn't schedule as many stops. I think I did about 50 in three weeks for that first one, which was exhausting. For my second and third books I kept it down to about ten stops over two weeks. Something else I learned is that interviews are a lot less energy sapping than guest blog posts. They are for me, anyway.

I arrange them myself by contacting authors I know, on our publishers' loops or privately.