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Author Topic: Hiring private editors and campaigning for my novel.  (Read 1982 times)

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Hiring private editors and campaigning for my novel.
« on: April 15, 2014, 01:53:25 AM »
Hello Fantasy lovers!
I am publishing my novel, The Last Son of Edenmoor, towards the end of the year. I finished it a few weeks ago and am now rewriting it and I'm looking for a professional editor to help look things over and fix parts that may need fixing. Does anyone know of any such editors or ones that are reliable? I've been looking into Amazon's editors package, has anyone had any experience with them?
Also, on another note, I am campaigning to raise money for editing my novel on indiegogo if any of you are of a helping spirit! http://igg.me/at/theforbiddenkingdoms/x/2744074
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Re: Hiring private editors and campaigning for my novel.
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It is very expensive to get a novel edited by a decent editor. Shockingly so for most people. There are also a lot of scam artists out there posing as editors.

I know that quite a few people have had good experiences with Writer's Workshop. Also, some published authors  such as Hal Duncan (I can personally vouch for his work) and Saladin Ahmed also do critiques/editor work on fiction.  I also hear good things about John Jarrold, who also runs his own literary agency.

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Re: Hiring private editors and campaigning for my novel.
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First off, good going! Plenty of people start a novel and never finish....

Anyway. to start with, I'd suggest either joining a writers group or an online writers forum. With both, first engage, then ask if perhaps anyone would take a look...(also offer to swap). Basically get a beta reader. A) It's free! b) if you critique them in return it will pay major dividends in your own writing. c) You'll make new writer friends. They will be invaluable. To you both. Just remember to give before you get.

If you've already done that, then I'd shop about a lot, and probably go with personal reccs. What do you want? A full structural edit? A nit picky copy edit? Decide and go from there. There are some great editors out there who don't charge the earth (and writers groups/online writers circles are a great way to get reccs too!)

ETA: And also, before you commit to an editor, ask for a sample -- you send in say a chapter or so (agreed in advance) and they send back their edit. You can see then if you gel together, or not. If not, it happens and it won't be a problem for any professional editor.
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Re: Hiring private editors and campaigning for my novel.
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If you're not on LinkedIn yet, sign up and join a writing group. I have seen several editors advertise their services there. As stated earlier, be sure to vet your potential editor. Check their client list or ask for sample work.

Critique groups can be helpful, but being a good writer doesn't always make you a good editor. I often found myself struggling to make suggestions that didn't turn the writer's voice into my voice. I've gotten better, but a good editor knows how to make suggestions that strengthen your writing while still keeping it your writing.
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Re: Hiring private editors and campaigning for my novel.
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The advice given here is great, and I'll add to it that you might want to look at the copyright pages or acknowledgments pages of self-published novels you've enjoyed. Writers often list their editors on the former or thank them on the latter. :-)
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