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Author Topic: Good freelance editors?  (Read 29178 times)

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Re: Good freelance editors?
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Your best resource is word of mouth. Ask other authors what editors/copyeditors/etc. they've worked with and whether or not they'd recommend them (and, most importantly, why). Any editor of any stripe who's worth their salt has an informative website, client/works list and so on, but asking input from those who've been through the wringer is gold.

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Re: Good freelance editors?
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Betsy Mitchell edited The Codex of Her Scars for me late last year. Showed great sensitivity and made some effective changes to elements of the prose.

I've also worked with John Jarrold, who certainly knows a thing or two!
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Re: Good freelance editors?
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Two we've had some experience with:

Sara Stamey at is an award winning novelist (fantasy/sci-fi) who is also a university professor of "writing the novel" and has freelance edited for years. We met her at a writers' gathering years ago and have been following her work ever since. She also tries to help her clients find publishers and agents.

Or, if you want to write short story romance fiction for pay, one person in our group used Kate Willoughby's services for getting published in Woman's World Magazine. Not fantasy... needs to be contemporary USA "real" world. But if you write fantasy romance and also real world romance, it could be a place to break in with paid publication if you don't mind starting with real world. Her page is and she focuses only on that magazine, where she's also had many short story romances published.

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Re: Good freelance editors?
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