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Author Topic: Lucifer's Star (dark space opera) - Even experienced authors get nervous  (Read 454 times)

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Every book is special to an author when it comes out but I've got to say this one is particularly enjoyable to me as it's taken me over a decade to get it written. I've always loved doing space opera stories whether at my tabletop game or imagining them in my head. However, for whatever reason, I never thought I'd be able to actually get a book done in the genre. I did fine with urban fantasy and superheroes but the thought of creating an entire universe was terrifying to me. So I did what any insane author would do and wrote it just as I would a fantasy novel in space. Hey, it worked for George Lucas. I ended up being a lot more darker, morally ambiguous, and tragic in the end but I'm still glad i did it.

Honestly, it's only recently now I've gotten a chance to share it with my friends too because the book came out at a tragic time in my life (my father passed away right about as it was being released) but it's become a therapeutic thing to share. I've also got a lot of debts owed to my friends from people at the Grimdark Readers Facebook group and websites like the Fantasy Faction for providing me plenty of entertainment as I write it. I hope when the sequel is finished I can share it under better terms.

Here's a couple of articles I've done for it too.

* Our Epic World's Interview

* In Space No One Can See You Bleed

* Black, White, or Gray in Space

From the bestselling author of The Rules of Supervillainy:

Cassius Mass was the greatest star pilot of the Crius Archduchy. He fought fiercely for his cause, only to watch his nation fall to the Interstellar Commonwealth. It was only after that he realized the side he'd been fighting for was the wrong one. Now a semi-functional navigator on an interstellar freight hauler, he tries to hide who he was and escape his past. Unfortunately, some things refuse to stay buried and he ends up conscripted by the very people who destroyed his homeland.

LUCIFER'S STAR is the first novel of the Lucifer's Star series, a dark science fiction space opera set in a world of aliens, war, politics, and slavery.

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