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Barton Hollow serial novel
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From author Stella Stoker comes a sweeping paranormal romance. A weekly, serialized novel that will have you craving each new chapter in this epic saga.
Eighteen year-old Allegra Fleur has grown up hearing tales of the mysterious Barton family from her grandmother. She's been obsessed with meeting them her entire life. Even if her mother insists the Bartons are nothing but trouble. However, after her mother dies in a car accident, Allegra finds herself thrust into the Barton's world. Barton Hollow is small, consisting of the old family estate, and the few surrounding neighbors. The moment she arrives, Allegra gets a vague warning from one of them.
"There are three rules to surviving Barton Hollow. The first is don’t trust the werewolves. The second is don’t trust the werewolves. Third, don’t go into the Barton house. And fourth, don’t trust the Grave Keeper."
A serial paranormal romance novel with new parts published weekly.  Coming May 5th, 2017.

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Re: Barton Hollow serial novel
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Just took a peek at the website. Very nice!
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