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Go Beyond the Fearsome Mist
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Linton and I'd like to present to you a preview of my recently released fantasy novel titled, Beyond the Fearsome Mist.

Here's a quick synopsis:
The mist walkers are real!

All her life Lowen believed the mysterious creatures a figment of her grandmother’s tales. But when their flying fortress appears outside her village, she and her family become the prisoners of these not so mythical beings. Together with her friend Emmi, Lowen must use her magical powers to fight her way across a landscape teeming with dangers as she attempts to reunite with her missing family.

For Kastalard Igo capturing Lowen should have been the achievement of a lifetime. Unbeknownst to him the capture of this single girl will set into motion a series of events that will alter untold fortunes – including his own.

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