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The Norse and Greek mythologies are on a collision course and Jagger's stuck in the middle.
When Jagger's daydream world becomes a battleground for Odin and Zeus, the edges of reality begin to blur. A contest of myths is formed where Norse is pitted against Greek. Jagger is Perseus as he cuts off Medusa’s head and Loki as he schemes against Thor and the other gods. And that's nothing to what he faces in his first year in university. Can ancient truths help Jagger in the real world?

Find out in MYTH WEAVER.
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Good reviews starting to come in. Just had a great 5 star review today. http://archiestandwoodsreviewsandwritings.blogspot.ie/2012/08/myth-weaver-by-david-j-normoylereview.html

Also I loved this quote from an earlier review so much I put it in my book description:

"A must read for anyone fascinated with the legends and myths of old. The retelling of the stores of the gods are cleverly intertwined with a student's own quest with coping with life."

I don't know how many time I have rewritten by blurb and I never came up with anything half as good as that.

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