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Aru's Realm
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My fantasy novel Aru's Realm is written in a literary style. If you like Terry Pratchett's Discworld or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or The Last Unicorn or The Lord of the Rings, you might like Aru's Realm. It does not resemble any of these stories, though.

Each chapter of Aru's Realm has the theme of a different color. The objects, actions, emotions, tastes, and smells within the chapter evoke that particular color.

As she steps through the doorway into womanhood, Aru must leave behind everyone she’s ever known.

Now she must find her way in a world where others have control of her life. With the help—and hindrance—of the friends she makes, Aru unravels the secrets of a mysterious sorcerer’s interest in her and her strange abilities.

Will her courage and creative thinking be enough when this journey places the fate of multiple worlds in her hands? No. No it won’t. Although, maybe with the aid of a little magic…
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