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Author Topic: YA for young males?  (Read 12901 times)

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Re: YA for young males?
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Do that poll, I'd be interested in it.
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Re: YA for young males?
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It's my hunch that young boys more than girls gravitate towards content that is not considered "appropriate" for younger audiences, such as sex and violence. In that respect they'd probably find "grown-up" fiction more fulfilling than YA. I don't even know if a YA novel could come out catering to (common) teenage male interests without being badly scarred by censorship. Certainly not the teenage male equivalent of a romance novel---it'd be plastered by the disclaimer that it's not suitable for anyone under 18.
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Re: YA for young males?
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I'm always surprised when an old thread gets bumped, and I see multiple paragraph-length posts of mine on topics I have absolutely zero interest in. I'm starting to think I just like to argue.

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Re: YA for young males?
« Reply #33 on: May 30, 2016, 12:34:29 AM »
I'm from Germany, and our market seems to be a bit different. For a start we have the books categorized by agree 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, and then either 12+ or in bigger stores another 14+ section. So mostly 12 is were ya started here.

For the genders - most "gender neutral" books are published with boys as a focus. Because girls do read "boys books", but boys do not read girly stuff. So having girls read Percy Jackson, Skullduggery Pleasant and so on isn't a problem.

In my shop I have about 40/60 girly and non girly books on stock - the different mostly being due to the big success of books like selection.

There are plenty good fantasy books for makes at that age. A lot have been named already - still I'll list some up again:

Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
Skullduggery Pleasant
Bartimaeus / Lockwood & Co
Otori (Across the nightingale floor)
Nicholas Flamel (by Scott)
Paladin Project
Maximum ride
Artemis Fowl
Flanagans books are 10+ but his enough to be read older
His majesties dragons
Magicians guild
Rithmatist / Steelheart
Maze runner
His dark materials
Epic (kostick)
Half bad

Just to name the ones off the top of my head...