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What are exactly the differences between Fantasy and Young Adult Fantasy?

Younger protagonists (Teens/Early twenties)? Lack of swearing or graphical violence? Both? 

Other common things I read about it:

1)Authors portray lack of experience or maturity by making the characters do stupid things or even shoot themselves in the feet to move the story.

2)Anguish or whining when things go bad.

3)Clumsy love development.

Well, I actually saw these in more "adult" books too, but is something I read about the genre using than in others.

I disagree and agree somewhat with your 3 points.  A lot of adult fantasy characters are stupid and do stupid things that even a child would not do.  Being over 19years doesn't make a character brighter/smarter or wiser - it just makes them older.  Although teen characters may be a little less coherent about why they don't want to learn a skill or study and their reactions may be more child-like if they don't get what they want or is unable to understand the consequences of what they do. 

As for your 2nd point - 'whining when things go bad' - it really depends on how the author writes - I've read a lot of YA fantasy and don't seem them as 'whining' when things go back - they are more stumped at what to do next do to the lack of experience but this also makes it interesting as we get to see how the solve the problem they are in. 

3rd point - I agree with that - love/romance is always difficult for teens - loving for the first time is a real challenge and they probably spend way too much time agonizing over the small things.  But it can be sweat to watch first love bloom.  But love is difficult for adults as well. 

As for lack of swearing and graphic violence - there is in general not a whole lot of swearing in fantasy in general unless you are reading some pretty bad writing - it mostly feels out of place in fantasy; as for graphic violence even Harry Potter was violent at times but the graphic quality is down played some what in YA. 

I think one of the big differences between adult and YA fantasy in general is the writing (less sophisticated writing style); themes are closer linked to themes that teens can relate too - education/learning, first love, first adventure, limited to no experience, trying things for the first time etc - although a larger theme may exist for the entire novel. 

In general, even when adults fantasy begins with teenage characters (Wheel of time for example) these characters mature a lot faster then in a YA fantasy.  Danger is more dangerous for the main characters in adult fantasy than in YA fantasy - consequences of actions or inaction have a deeper impact on what happens - but in YA it tends to only affect them (the main character and their situation).  There is more self discovery - meaning "who am I" in YA - as teens are still wondering who they are - there is less of this in general in adult fantasy with adult characters. 

In general, YA is a bit less dark - meaning if you compare briefly the Hobbit (a YA novel) versus Lord of the Rings - while both have a quest like adventure quality to them - there is a lot more darkness to LOTR than the Hobbit. 

In general YA fantasy has teen characters that reflect teen characters now; while in adult fantasy teen characters are not modeled on what teens are now but on what teens would be like from an older time period in human history. 

In general, YA fantasy has teenagers - they start the story as teens and stay as teens (or slightly older teens) but you really don't get to see them as adults - while in adult fantasy a character might start off as a teen but grows up and matures over the course of the novel so by the end we see an adult character and not a teenager anymore. 

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Re: young adult
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I love YA and read a lot of children's books and YA.
It is a great breather between the big times like Malazan and ASOIAF for me.
Sure there is cringeworthy, predictable, whiny YA books out there. But I have found lots of those in the adult section too ;)
I do read whatever looks interesting to me, no matter the genre or target audience!