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Title: Sci-fi activist
Post by: Dloheeb on October 02, 2013, 08:18:32 AM
Hello Mods! (with capitle M, yes indeed)

Can we have a "what are you currently reading" thread like in fantasy?

I would like to hope that it will deepen the discussions about my beloved genre.

It will, so i hope, keep people out of bars: getting drunk, high on cocaine and most abominable getting laid.

Furthermore can it be very benificiary for the monthly read-a-slongs and it will highten potency and sex-drive in the bed room.

For sci-fi is very wicked and only the wicked will remain so reading along on this to-be-created-thread will be a eye opener for fantasy and normal novel reading puritanists. (i must note that i do suspect fantasy genre fanatics to have a broad view about... the way of things. So you can or can not exclude fantasy readers from the list of frigid beings.(which are probably wizards and extremely long sword wheelding man(ahum, i mean whirrum of bligh and sorts offcourse), or whatever roams the fantastic mind))

So once they are taken to the dark side (a star-wars opinion piece punn, which is a very nice sci-fi supporting article) we will have an abundend amount of intellectuel discussions (probably not) and jester talk(most probable).

So, if you are serious about enlightening society (you crazy breed.. sings eddie vedder) and keep humanity from pending doom AND falling into american republican party like beings, you will approve this sci-fi-care proposal.

It will also help me, decent as i am, to relieve the burden off my shoulders, that i feel, every time i post at the fantasy section about a sci-fi masterwork.

With kind regards,

main activist and forefighter numero uno of the sci-fi wants a thread activist group.(group? YES! Group! there are more Dloheebs! We come in numbers!)
Title: Re: Sci-fi activist
Post by: Arry on October 02, 2013, 08:48:27 AM
Request approved :)

Not only on basic principal (we have one for urban fantasy), but also due to your convincing argument. and possibly out of fear of a Dloheeb uprising ;)

So, here it is: