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Title: Misfortune Cookie - Esther Diamond novel
Post by: magisensei on January 07, 2014, 08:47:00 PM
Misfortune Cookie - is the latest adventure in the urban fantasy Esther Diamond series by Laura Resnick.

It's a fun and rather delightful romp through New York's Chinatown as this adventure takes place in and around NY's Chinatown. 

The book starts a week after what happened in the last book and Esther our down and somewhat out of luck actress who is on her last penny finally gets a break when she gets a shift at Stella's restaurant waitressing so she can have food at the start of the New Year and also pay the rent. 

Not to give away anything - but the adventure starts here (SPOILER alert) -
as the restaurant is raided by the police - of which Lopez (the love of her life) is also part of the raiding team. 

Esther's love life takes a hit - as she has waited a week since she and Lopez made love and he hasn't called her - leaving her very angry at Lopez who happens just happens to show up on this raid where she is currently working. 

That's it for spoilers....

It's a fun and light adventure with a lot of misunderstanding, some tender moments, a few curses, lots of Chinese food and some more insights into Max's life. 

A must read for those who have already enjoyed Esther Diamond series. 
Title: Re: Misfortune Cookie - Esther Diamond novel
Post by: Elfy on January 07, 2014, 11:06:30 PM
This was another fun one. I like how she's able to include little snippets of little known history and make them part of the story. I still want someone somewhere to see the possiblities in this series and option it as a TV show.