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Author Topic: Dead Ever After - the final book with *SPOILERS*  (Read 1114 times)

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Dead Ever After - the final book with *SPOILERS*
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Hi everyone, well its the end of a series with Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris - no more Sookie which is a bit sad but everyone has to move on after all - so congrats on the final book and I look forward to new and amazing new titles from Harris in the future. 

Back to the novel - comments and criticism
Spoiler for Hiden:
The series ends with book 13 :P  which is a bit funny. 

The final book doesn't end with a roar its end with a small meow.  For me this book read as an extended epilogue to book 12 and could really have been just added the the book 12 without writing this final book.

Dead Ever After - is basically the fallout of book 12 after Sookie used her magical wish to bring back her dying friend Sam.  We see the conclusion to her vampire marriage to Eric and we see his fate - to get married to another vampire - but this was mostly in the background of the story and was told as if it was an after thought.

The story has a plot of sorts - which is more of a mystery really.  Arlene former friend gets released from prison and after speaking to Sookie she winds up dead strangled with Sookie's scarf.  It is pretty obvious that she didn't do it but the police influenced by magic arrest her anyways and she is eventually released on bail.  The mystery-murder seemed to be a half-hearted effort on the writers part that you have to wonder why she even added this murder to the novel. 

Eventually Sookie and co figure out who is behind some of her difficulties and with the aid of some vampire friends deal with the situation.  The bigger problem that exists in the novel is the tension between Sookie and Sam because of her bringing him back from the dead and the consequences of this magic which has affected both of them in some unknown way.

Back to the plot - Sookie is kidnapped and we find out the mastermind behind her difficulties (the murder and framing) is none other then her cousin Claude who has escaped from Faery and who seems quite mad - after an extended talk and Sookie escaping - all the bad guys are killed by the timely arrival of her friends and the police. 

The book ends with Sookie and Sam becoming a couple of sorts or at least starting a relationship; Sookie is stronger and more confident in herself knowing that even if this relationship doesn't work she can live and move on. 

A happy ending for everyone.  Sookie didn't want to be a vampire and she didn't become one; she loses a vampire love who was just too manipulative; she gets to remain friends with her vampire friends; and she gets a new supernatural lover who's supernatural ability is a family trait (shape shifting) rather than a curse (werewolf or vampire) without any of the baggage of their clans or vampire families.  Overall a happy ending for Sookie. 

In general this 2.5/5 stars - writing was still good but the plot was forced and the happy ending rather boring.