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"The Tree of Death"
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Pedro Oliveira circled a spot on the map that lay unfolded on the table before him. A thin film of sweat shined upon his forehead. Dust motes floated in the light that beamed through the hut's wooden shutters.

He tapped his pen in the circle as he looked at Isabella Silva and said, "Here's the place, Professor Silva. The last known location of the Apuelito tribe. It's a month's journey from here through the jungle on foot, but you shouldn't go there. No one should. It's too dangerous."

Isabella said, "Thank you, Mr. Oliveira. I appreciate your concern, but I've been searching for this lost rainforest tribe for many years. I'm too close now to give up. Besides, I've been on a half-dozen expeditions through the jungle, the last two of them by myself. I think I'll be fine."

Read the whole story here: http://jamesgboswell.com/2019/10/the-tree-of-death/
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