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Author Topic: Welcome to the RPG 2018  (Read 4845 times)

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Re: Welcome to the RPG 2018
« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2018, 08:19:29 AM »
Scarlet was losing patience.
"Look, we can stay here talking until the milk-giving-animals come home, so..."

"We should really get a simpler name for all animals, you know", Maxim intervened. "It doesn't seem fair that only cats have the special name, as if they're special"

Henry the Jack was outraged "But..."

"STOP! That is exactly what I mean!"

The bartender whispered to Olfred "See, what a woman. if you're looking for someone who's a stickler for rules at the same time as bending them to practical purposes, she's your gal. I remember the time when she did the transforming spell that..."

"You too! Stop talking!
We are leaving this tavern tomorrow, in the direction of the Port Quinta de la Rosa with the aim of crossing the lake and go to the Isle of Nymphs. I've heard that the Nymphs are very good looking, I mean, that they're holding a secret weapon that will help us kill the evil dragon.
You can continue your discussions on the way, but please come prepared for hardships - I'll only use my helping spells if you've been nice boys and girls.
And by the way, no one is staying here. Yes, including you, bartender, you're coming with us, bring your stock"

Scarlet took a deep breath, gave another serious stare to everyone and opened the door. Looking around, she whispered "A.R.? If you can hear me, you can come too. You don't even have to be visible all the time."
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