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Author Topic: RPG 2015: JayMack's Quest for the Dragon Diamond  (Read 18465 times)

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Re: RPG 2015: JayMack's Quest for the Dragon Diamond
« Reply #45 on: June 06, 2015, 02:17:13 AM »
The Ring of the Wilding. A nearly mythical object of random power, great danger and equal opportunity. With the stasis field sucked into Smug's maw, it's magic was freed and the effect was immediate. What had been confused and confusing shook itself like a metal foil in the sun, reflecting reality into strange angles and lights.

Henry was nearly blinded. His fingers missed the ring as it spun in the vacuum of the laboratory.

Jason and Kassin wrapped themselves in the deepest shadow. The ring reached out, touched the shadows, and they opened a whole in space-time. The two heroes were sucked through and disappeared.

Arcane and JayMack caught the spinning ring between them. It would hold still, but bounced between their cupped hands.

And Smug began to grow. Fed by the stasis field energy and touched by the wildness, his stubby wings grew, his back elongated, and the little fire of his belly bloomed into a raging inferno. "Yes!" crowed Oggie. "Yes, little one! Find yourself! Find your wings! Soar!"

The ring of wild spun faster and faster. Closing his eyes against the light, JayMack trapped it and forced it over one finger.

Time stood still.

A portal opened across the room. The Goat God emerged, stuffing his entrails back into his hide, and clearing his throat. "Tyrannosaurus roaring is simply awful for the throat, don't you think?

"Well, heroes. I've been watching you fumble your way along, but you've finally done something worth my while. The Wild Ring. You can try to use its magic yourself, or you can trade it for the Dragon Diamond.  No, no, I don't have the diamond. It's in the keeping of one Doctor Chill. It's his crew you've been seeing out on the boats and in the beach screwing around with raccoons and things. So, your decision. With the dragon diamond, you'll have the power to break the rule of Fantasia. Which suits me just fine.

"So, as a God will do, I wave my hand and make a change."

Time re-started. But they found they were in a completely new thread.
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