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Title: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 24, 2015, 06:21:37 PM
The sun was setting over the great city of Fantasia, and out in the countryside there stood a church. Under that white washed building’s umbrage was grass grown ankle high. A hired hand was hard to come by nowadays, what with these lands in a quiet turmoil. Yes, the Realm was prosperous. The Five Principalities flourishing with idea and innovation, trading technology and theory just as much as coin or books. But inside those walls not just smoke escaped.

Whispers did. To far away.

Tucked in the folds of a letter was one murmur, crumpled in the hand of a trench coat man standing outside. He was gazing toward the bay and the gray walls of a peace that had long overstayed its welcome.

“Such a beautiful sunset,” the woman beside him remarked, gazing at its glorious orange hue. She was fitted in all crimson. “So fitting.”

A gale brushed through the blades and flapped their coat tails and skirt. She shivered without warm leather. But the man’s words were colder. “Been a long time.”

They sounded empty. “Only three years.”

“Three years can do many a things.”

She nodded and glanced at him; turned away when he kept his gaze on the sea and city. “Why’d you call for me?” came the eventuality. But he knew. His answer was written in that letter, and it told no lies. Reassurance, however, can be the best medicine for worry.

For reluctance, too. “You know why.”
“I do.”

The city of Fantasia was bubbling underneath. Far in the East, the nation had not only picked up spices but a prophet. He spoke of Atku, of a freedom far more reaching than the one that High Dragon Saphira or the Kingdom had ever offered. The Prelate said that the Broken Empire was not to be feared. That it was merely a shattered sea, a 75K journey of nothingness. Discontent walked the streets and a missing heir only made matters worse.

“The city’s in disarray,” the wizard whispered to him. “It needs healing more than anything, and you’re a doctor last I heard.”

“I can’t give it what it needs.” From the hill up here, you wouldn’t be able to see the seams coming undone from its stitches. But a gun swinger has to have a keen eye, and an even keener understanding of things. “I failed once. I’d rather not fail again.” He looked down at his palm, stained blue with a memory. A memory of loss. Of an old friend gone, too.

“You’re not a failure.” She tried to catch his gaze, but even she knew what had transpired on that island. He was right. “Look, I have a map of the temple. I have a team ready. All I need is for them to hurry toward this forgotten church and to scour an old tower.”

“Then why’d you need me?” No bitterness there, though. A smile crept onto the edge of his lips. Always the planner, her.

She mirrored with a devilish grin. “I need a hero.”

His face quickly soured. “I’m no hero; I’m a professional.”

Scarlett looped her hands together. “That may be, but-“ A thunderclap stopped her midsentence. Sent a spike of curiosity in her gaze. A war was coming, yes. One rife with names and sounds and charges, but not yet. There was a problem.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Doctor Chill sighed and slipped the letter back in his pocket. He wasn’t going to worry. “Best be on our way.”

Wind was picking up off the east. Best, indeed.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: ScarletBea on May 24, 2015, 10:10:29 PM
Scarlet smiled, though internally she was a bit annoyed - the Doc kept misspelling her name, she could hear the extra t in his lips. Nevermind, he needed her, and that was the key thing.

'It seems my graduation to full Wizard was useful. I just *know* you are the hero I need.
Now I just need to complete my alchemical studies, and we'll be able to have all the gold we'll ever need'

That was useful, thought Doc. Just another of the reasons he had called for her. That, and her willingness to spy 8)
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Nighteyes on May 24, 2015, 10:29:19 PM
A gruff, resonating laugh interrupted the conversation of the young squirrel hunter and trainee alchemist. They looked over and saw a tall figure dressed in a raggedy old overcoat pissing against a tombstone.

"Stop that right now! Have you no respect for the dead!" snapped Scarlett.

The grizzled man laughed some more but after just a couple of more squirts, he fiddled with his breaches and then turned around offering his hand. Scarlet chose to ignore it, but being well brought up dropped a brief curtsey.  The Doc on the otherhand groaned, and spat on the grass beneath his feet.

"The god be damned! I heard you had been hanged! Seems I will never escape you," he groaned.

The pirate laughed and then handed over a filthy looking piece of parchment.

"The black spot!" moaned the Doc and dropped to the ground running his hands through his hair.

"Stop being such a pansy!" the pirate barked. "Tis for me. But you are gonna help me kill the blighters who served it to me before they kill me. I have escape the noose, I can sure escape the bleeding black spot!"

"Language!" sniffed Scarlet.  "My darling Doc would never have anything to do with the likes of you!"

With that the Doc turned pale. "Actually darling, me and the cap here used to sail together."

"How could you!" screamed Scarlet and turned and slapped the Doc before running off towards the town.

Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 24, 2015, 10:52:28 PM
Seems Scarlet had disappeared to who knows where. Doc shrugged and motioned for him and the Cap to go inside that old church. They needed to talk. The grizzled old pirate might’ve been summoned by them, but right now a smell was summoning from his undergarments. And Doc wanted them all in tip-top shape. Even the old captain.

“Let me look at that rot,” Doc mumbled inside the dusty sanctuary. Don’t know why Scarlet had chosen this place of all places. “Go sit on one of those pews.”

The Cap fell through some moldy wood on his first try. Grumbled and wiped his bum. “Any more scratches?” the doc groaned.

Old captain scratched his butt again and said, “None that you’ll be looking at deary!”

“Whatever. Take off your shirt and let me get that wound cleaned.”

The linen was hesitant to come off, sticky with sweat and salt. His torso was snaked in tattoos of all kinds, bringing back memories. Memories of a much cleaner captain, if Doc remembered correctly. But then, time was getting to him. Too much magic had scrubbed his brain raw, he noted, as he ran a hand over the crusted cut on the Cap’s side. Pirate winced.

“Got any alcohol? Any rum, perchance?”

The seaman shook his head. “Made it out of there with only me hide and me wits. Think I would be here if I’d had a bottle of scotch on hand?”

Doc shrugged his shoulders. “Just askin’.” And so he went to shaving off the excess gruff and pus with his knife. “What about any weapons?”

“You deaf?”

“No. And you’re not dumb. Hiding them out there somewhere, in case things had went south? Or north?”

Captain grunted. ‘Bout as much as he was getting out of that old seadog. Doc set to scouring the closet for communion while the Cap’s mood soured further.

“Tell me where we can find those people that summoned you. Gotta head to a Tower, Scarlet said. And then a Temple of Atku’s. Hope you’re on the way.”

Cap grumbled something under his breath, but didn’t elaborate. Perhaps, “You bet my wet willy I’ll be on your way.” But Doc couldn’t verify that. Only slipped out of the musty closet with a bottle of red wine more sour than the captain now.

Set to cleaning the wound further.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Nighteyes on May 24, 2015, 11:06:10 PM
Suddenly the captain grabbed the Doc's arm. "Aktu, did you say Doc?" the captain asked. "You wet your breeches when you met Cthulu!" The old pirate began laughing before breaking out in a fit of coughs. He grabbed the bottle of wine and before the Doc could stop him began glugging it down.
"What can you tell me of Aktu?" the Doc desperately asked. But too late. The bottle had dropped from the pirate's hands and the captain's head dropped back, and a eruption of snores broke out.

The Doc picked up the bottle and proceeded to drain the last few dregs from it.  Meanwhile unnoticed a ghostly face watched them both from a window.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Atku God of Goats on May 24, 2015, 11:14:03 PM
I look through the window of the abandoned church at the physician-cowboy and the ancient pirate. I thank the fates that I can't smell them from here.

Poor, pathetic heroes. They think a God won't know their plans.

I turn sideways into the ultra verse and emerge in the North to spy on my chosen band.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Nighteyes on May 24, 2015, 11:25:27 PM
Just before the goat can slip through the ultra-verse he feels a pair of hands grab him. The goat desperately kicks out but the hands are too quick and have tied ropes around his legs. A sack slips over his head. The goat can hear a French voice. "I voz just 'ere to spy on my old rival but I have found a new amour. Come my petit cherie. Monsewer Charlie vill give you a night to remember!"

The goat starts shaking. He bleats out curse after curse as the night proceeds but it is to no avail.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 25, 2015, 08:08:40 AM
There was a whisper in the window, he swore it. Sounded French and suitably crazy. Like two goats banging baguettes on the street corner whilst painting. Or something cultured and all that jazz. Oh well. Doc took another swig of the wine, found it empty, and went to scour the closet for more.

Maybe Scarlet would return by the time he had finished his second bottle. Or somebody new to make his acquaintance.

Just so long as they didn't wake up the captain, he would be fine with them.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: ScarletBea on May 25, 2015, 10:49:01 AM
Scarlet felt annoyed.
Someone had passed through her barriers and made her act like a silly girl - slapping a man? Saying 'how could you'? Running away in spite?
And worse, the influence seemed to have lasted quite a long time, and seriously affected her sleep: 10 hours today, and a headache at the end? And then there was this very strange thought in her brain that she couldn't understand, the words "thank god this is a bank holiday" - what the hell is a bank? This was a powerful feeling, nothing but a strange god could have caused it.

She returned as quickly as she managed to the protection of that abandoned church she had found on Google Maps (again! what were these strange words that kept showing up?)

'Doc! Doc! Are you still here?'

He was slumped by the end of the pier but thankfully still awake. And thankfully too the old pirate was still snoring - enough to make the closest wall tapestries move slightly. And the smell... eeek!
She quickly explained to Doc all that had happened.

'A strange god, did you say?' He started remembering...

'Wait, that's not all! Don't go into a trance yet!
I tried infiltrating Jaymack's castle as you suggested, but I couldn't find anything. Well, except that he doesn't seem to have anything but a small dragon - so your assumption that he's being led by a goat must be wrong, since we all know goats and dragons don't mix. That's what my books say, so they *must* be right!'
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 25, 2015, 05:10:42 PM
"Wait, a what?!"

The Captain grumbled at the outburst, but turned around in his pew and scratched his butt. Chill lowered his voice.

"There's a dragon with him? A Smauglette, you said? Why, I need to stop having hunches, and you seeing if they're true."

Scarlet rolled her eyes. "Yes, the twenty other hunches I visited were full of plenty to tell you about."

"So a dragon in the Northern Hall is all you found of importance?" He pinched the bridge of his nose and snorted. "Could be worse. We could be without a hobbit or a dwarf to save us from it." Doc passed a sharp glare at her.

She put her hands up. "One of my agents might be; you don't know."

"Intelligence is key, I've learned on many a journeys, but please Scarlet, don't go running off on my wild hunches. Magic can't save you from everything."

She flicked her hair and presented a grin. "Isn't that the only reason you keep me around?"

Captain answered for him. "Only reason I keep you around is for your golden arse cheeks."

"Shut it, Cap," Doc finished.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 26, 2015, 05:03:55 AM
Rain had finally settled in. Perhaps that rumble had been storm clouds. But by the twist in his gut and the long stare Scarlet gave the stained glass window, he wasn't so sure of that.

"Gonna make a trek into that ole fishing village tomorrow morning."

"Gonna need an Ark for that trip," Scarlet quipped. "Just make sure that mangy beast doesn't get a hold of it. Liable to crash it into the rocks."

"Never crashed in me life," the pirate grumbled on his pew. "Well, there was that incident with the sirens. Ah, the indecent incident."

"No time for your poetry, Cap," Doc told him. He withdrew his pistol. "I hear a ghost. Sounds like it's coming from under the altar." He sniffed the air and blanched. "Smells like a wet goat. You fart?"

"Not on this pew," he giggled and let one loose. "Caught me."

Scarlet rolled her eyes again, but Doc's outstretched hand stopped her. Silenced the room. Then the bleating came, like a roll of thunder down a hill of wet cabbage. It was a roaring garbled mess, growing louder and louder with each step. But when he came to the stone altar, he found nothing. Nothing but a whisper tucked in the alcove below, of light mandolins.

Doc rubbed his head. He was definitely losing it at this late hour. "Need to lay off the bottle."
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Post by: ArcaneArtsVelho on May 26, 2015, 11:10:51 AM
But Doc hadn't heard entirely wrong.

"Forgive me my eavesdropping," said a man dressed and hooded in dark brown monk robes as he emerged from a decayed doorway behind the altar, "but as you all are trespassing in my church, I think that my transgression pales in comparison to yours." The man paused, leaning lightly on his walking stick. He studied the trio for a moment. They looked surprised and remained silent, so he continued, "I heard you spoke of Atku. Has the goat-god revealed himself?"

Doc readied his pistol, eying the stranger intently. "What do you know about Atku? Who are you?"

Scarlet stepped in front of the gunman, scowling at him as she passed. "We are so sorry", she said to the stranger. "We thought this place was abandoned."

"I suppose I should say this WAS my church or, better yet, that I was a priest here", the man recanted as Scarlet's apologetic smile thawed his cold and sombre exterior just a little. "Don't remember how long ago that was."

The man walked closer to the others, his metallic cane clanging to the stone floor with every other step, even though he did not seem to put any weight on it. He removed his hood, exposing his bald head and his face that looked younger than his voice and speech had implied. "My name is Arthur Reuel Cane, A.R. for short, a former priest and a long time vagabond."

Scarlet curtsied. "I'm Scarlet and this is Doc", she said, pausing before pointing at the slumbering pirate, "and that one there is... inconsequential."

A.R. nodded, but Doc was still suspicious about the newcomer. "What do you know about Atku?" the gunman reiterated.

"Next to nothing I'm afraid. But when I was still a priest, some old tomes came in to my possession. One of them contained a short prophesy which spoke of Atku, the God of Goats, and how he would defeat the other deities and conquer the world. That is all I can remember." A.R. sighed and shook his head as he continued, "Back then I studied those tomes intently. The were spell on their pages, old dark magic, and I was young and foolish enough to try to master them. It went all wrong. One of the spells was too powerful, and because of it some people from my congregation died. They died... because of me. I was too curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat", the pirate mumbled from the pews.

"In my case... it is the cat that does the killing." For a fleeting moment, as A.R. said that, his yellowish green eyes glinted in the gloom of the church and his pupils narrowed into vertical ovals. The pries shook his head again, staring at the floor. "I'm sorry. The spell tomes put a beast inside me, and at times I have trouble controlling it. I have traveled far to find a way to escape from this curse, but sadly I only found these glyphs to help me keep it in check", he said, opening his robes just enough that the others could see lines of strange text tattooed all over his torso. "But if you are going against Atku and his minions, and if you will have me, I would gladly help you rid this false god from this world."

Maybe I will even find my own God again in the process.

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Post by: ScarletBea on May 26, 2015, 11:41:06 AM
Scarlet stumbled.
That strange spell was still affecting her, but she was fighting through it - damt it, she would fight until the end to get her real life back! And if it meant spying and putting up with strange pirates, she would still do it - at least she did like Doc, he was a very agreeable young man with a great future ahead of him.

'So Doc, fishing village tomorrow, is it? And just what exactly am I supposed to find?
Are we all going?'

Doc shrugged 'that's still to be decided'

'I could always go back to Jaymack's castle, see what's happening. I've heard rumours of a great cook joining forces with him.'

A.R. smiled for the first time 'Cake? Can you bring cake?'

'Hmmm I can hardly ask for something for the road and...'

'I always have one extra for the road... or 2... or 5...' mumbles could be heard from the pirate's corner...

'Oh just shut up! Be useful or stay quiet' Gawd she was in a mood today! 'So, I'm off to the castle. In the meantime, try to remember some more about Aktu - his weaknesses, what he likes, anything that we can think to use against him'
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Post by: Nighteyes on May 26, 2015, 12:34:27 PM
There was a ear shattering loud burp, the resonance of which caused the pews to begin shaking, and a statue of the Velma the Virgin Velociraptor  to nearly crash to the floor, only to be caught by A.R.  A.R. dabbed one finger to his mouth which he kissed, before dabbing the finger to the statue's head, and replacing it. 
The ancient pirate was standing in front of them, with a bottle of rum which had mysteriously appeared in his hand. "A.R.!  As I live and breath!  Never thoughts I'd see you again, and still full of staggering bullshit!"the pirate bellowed in a jovial voice. "How could you have once served in this 'ere church? Tis only been here around 3 months I'd say."
"Excuse me?" spluttered Scarlet. "This church is ancient ...."
"Look up at the ceiling darling," the pirate interrupted her.
Scarlet looked up at the ceiling, which like the roofs of most churches resembled an upturned boat.  Though most church roofs didn't have masts hanging down from them.  And was that?  Yes it was.  A upturned flag mast could be seen still flying a Jolly Roger.
"This church... it conceals The Schmoking Dutchman, your infamous ship,the one that fought Cthlulu," Scarlet breathed in amazement. 
"And talking of old friends," the pirate smirked.  "Remember Charlemagne, Doc?"
The Doc turned ashen face to the doorway, where a disheveled French nobleman stood. 
"I thought you were dead!  I saw Cthlulu devour your body." the Doc screamed.  "I mourned you. I moved on!"
Tears were running down his face. 
"Cthlulu devoured him for sure," the pirate muttered.  "But is was not his body he devoured, it was his soul.  That there creature is not Charlemagne now, but instead his husk of a body has been possessed by another."
The creature that was once Charlemagne stood there grinning, and gyrating his hips. "Nice goat, precious goat. Come here goaty!"  he muttered gleefully under his breath. 
"Goat?" A.R. muttered, "Oh shit!  What is that creature talking about?"
"Atku must have revealed himself to him, but what is he doing with his hips?  What did he do to Atku?" Scarlet whispered. 
"Atku must know where we are, and judging by that look on Monsewer Arsewipe's face, he is going to be mightily angrily with us for whatever depraved French things he did to Atku," shouted the pirate.  "Quick pull on that lecturn, Doc.  It will transform this church back into my boat!"
But the Doc was just standing there.  Transfixed by the figure of Charlesmagne.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Atku God of Goats on May 26, 2015, 01:51:51 PM
Atku hovered in the darkness, equally terrified by the Frenchman. Every body part hurt. What was that quote? "Against stupidity, the gods themselves strive in vain." Well, stupidity, and evil Cthulhu-possessed Frenchmen.

But the Great Goat had a mission. He silently drifter forward and slipped a glowing, blue diamond into Chill's medicine kit. The Dragon Diamond, oh yea. Supposedly the key to finding the lost temple. Well, maybe just the key to setting these teams of heroes against each other.

Warily eyeing the Frenchman, Atku turned sideways into the ultraverse once again and arrived unscathed in his mountainside lair.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: wakarimasen on May 26, 2015, 02:16:00 PM
The rotten timbers of the church door swung on their rusted hinges with a growl that should have come from the back of an old man's throat. The phlegm it spat from the entrance was a gangly, wild eyed man.

"Behold! I am come!"

Bangles clanged on bare arms as the emaciated figure waved their arms. He stepped into the church, his paint daubed face becoming clear, his mad expression clearer.

"A line I've used on more 'n one doxy me'self!" yelled back the Captain. "Who the blazes are you, ya cracked timber?"

Unabashed the man strode forward, slapping at the goat tattoo on his chest. An inverted pentagram netted the creature to his nipples, ribs and belly.

"I am Waka. Shaman of the order of chupacubra. Weilder of the pumpstaff. My smell is legend."

Scarlet sniffed the air experimentally but could only detect a faint whiff of caramel.

"How nice for you." She humoured the old loon. "Is there something you were after?"

The half naked shaman threw himself at her feet, raising eyebrows from all around.

"I have come to bring holy war on the cursed god. The goat one. The smell changer. The eater of ladies undergarments from washing lines. He who makes passable cheese. I beseech you, let me join your forces so that I may bring the path of unnibbled underwear to the unholy lands under the undoing of that unglorious caprine hellspawn."

Scarlet looked at the Captain who span a finger at his temple and shrugged.

"Well. It's a while since I've been beseeched. Let me think."
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Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 26, 2015, 04:14:16 PM
Scarlet stared at the newfound revelry with a look of utter disgust on her face. Doc had refused to budge, and the rest had refused to acknowledge their strange, erotic companion. "Oh for fluff's sake." She whapped the Doctor upside the head.

He reeled and said, "What was that about?" He glanced back at Charlemagne. "Ah, those hips. Gets me every time."

"You like un hips and ze gyrating? You do. All of zem love mine hips and thighs. Ze cannot resist ze un temptation, especially of ze past."

Scarlet pinched the bridge of her nose. "That's definitely Cthulhu. French is getting worse by the second." His hips wouldn't stop spinning, now like he was holding up a few hoola-hoops.

Cap turned to the finally awoken Doc and asked, "You mind doin' me a favor and pullin' that lectern of mine?"

"No amount of money in the world would make me pull your lectern."

Pirate slapped him across the arm. "Not that lectern you daft dinghy!" He pointed to the roof. "THAT one."

"Oh. Yeah, get right on it." He bearhugged the mast that he had once thought was a pillar and set to climbing. Left the crazies down there with the overcooked bread, if you catch my drift.

They shouted below. Shouted a good bit; jumbled garbage, Doc pushed out of his head, focusing on the task at hand. Been a good while since he climbed a mast, and never one backwards. But he guessed it was the same way. Hopefully.

Wasn't much to it when he reached the top, aside from going ten feet to the lectern with nothing to walk on, no sir. Doc sighed and yelled down, "Can I shoot it?"

"Hell no you can't shoot me baby!"

Well, that was out of the question. "Anybody got some rope? I might not've thought this one through."

Scarlet rolled her eyes. She was getting good at this. Stereotypical, even. "Men," she grumbled under her breath and went to the broom closet. The other closet right across from the communion. Where that priest had been hiding.

"You got a rope back there, preacher?" Doc called back. His biceps were hurting. Getting too old for this.

"I'm a priest, but yeah. Up on the third shelf to the left."
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Post by: ArcaneArtsVelho on May 26, 2015, 05:31:30 PM
Scarlet was trying to throw a rope she had found to Doc, the Captain was still drinking, Waka was singing an anti-goat song cleverly titled as Waka Waka, and Charlemagne's hips did not lie. But A.R. was deep in his thoughts. He remembered the pirate and his ship but only barely. There was a haze in his mind. He had no clear recollections of the building of the church or the time before it.

Has it really been only three months? Feels like ages to me.

The priest snapped out of his thoughts as Doc slid down the mast after a failed attempt to lasso the lectern. A.R. raised his walking cane over his head and started to spin it rapidly. The cane hummed and lifted the priest gently off the floor and up towards the roof.

"Mind if I help?" A.R. asked and pulled the lectern without waiting for an answer. Then he got quickly down, grabbed the statue of Velma the Virgin Velociraptor, and ran out of the church as it began to transform.
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Post by: wakarimasen on May 26, 2015, 06:35:39 PM
Dust shook from the walls as the church shuddered. Shafts of violet light, made solid by the clouds, played across the unsteady figures beneath the upturned boat.

"It is the turning!" Waka leapt to his feet. Running to grab the captain by his frilly lapels. "The great turning has come, as foretold in the mushrooms of myzanteen! We must dance."

The pirate resisted his tugging, joyfully screaming instead. "Ah - ha!  She Lives!"

The Shamen jumped back waving his hands in the air, as if he did not care. As he cavorted by Scarlet he jumped into the air, rising higher than her head. Then stopped.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" She demanded. "Nobody said you could piss about with gravity."

"Wakawakkariwakwakwakaweeeeee." Was the gesticulating tribesman's only reply as the whole building suddenly shifted about its axis, throwing everyone but himself tumbling into walls now made floor, then floor made from roof. Above, the violet light grew brighter, devouring the stone of the church. There was sucking noise, a catching like the breath of a man struck in the stomach. Then the stone exploded outward in dazzling light.

When their sight returned, the dazed crew members looked over the gunwales of the ship to find themselves encased to the portholes in sand and dust.

"Ar." The Captain dismayed. "She's a fine vessel, but given we're not at sea she's about as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition."

Waka dropped to the floor and began to flap his hands at an unseen assailant and twitching. Eventually he stopped, sank on to his haunches and pulled some dried mushrooms from a pouch. He curled over them possessively and began to nibble.
Title: Re: RPG 2015: Chill's Recruiting Thread
Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 26, 2015, 07:30:01 PM
Bob had done many bad things in his life. Stolen cookies from the cookie monster. Played with the chickens when his mother told him not to. Shot ole Miss Juniper, but then, she was a mean old woman. Missing an eye only helped her complexion.

Running from home nestled deep in the rolling hills of Gnomia had been nothing. Plying his trade as a toymaker in the streets of Fantasia even less harder. But blowing up an orphanage? That had taken talent; talent that had left him with two missing fingers and a knot in his stomach.

The gnome wanted to make amends. Wanted to prove he could make a toy that wouldn't mess up. Would make his Momma proud. Make everyone happy.

And what better machine than the great city he lived in? Why, by the letter scrawled on the Bunking Bronco's back door, he might not be creating something magnificent, but saving it was just as sweet. Sweet as those Macadamia Nut Cookies he found in the trash ages back.

So he rolled in on his unicycle, contraption built by himself over days and taking even longer to learn how to ride, but the church was nowhere to be found. Yes, there was a graveyard by the side, a hanging tree for infidels, and a statue of the Virgin Velociraptor, but nothing else. Just a ship sunken in the ground, and a few people by the rocks.

Bob decided to approach. Stepped over the loon curled up in the tall grass chewing on mushrooms. Moved past the stinking pirate singing tunes to his vessel. Looked away from the trenchcoat man and the woman in red beside him. Went to the priest garbed in white instead.

"I'm looking for," he pulled out the note from his pocket and squinted, "Bee?"

Doc glanced at Scarlet, eyebrows furrowed. "That your stage name?"

"Shush you. Yes, that's me." She waved the gnome over, and he carried his unicycle under one arm. "Pleasure to meet you good sir. I'm Scarlet, by the way. Bea's my alias. For when I'm working."

Cap started, "Working the-"

"Kettles, my friend. Now quiet. I think I finally found my operative."

Bob cocked his head. "Operative? No ma'am. Just saw your sign out by the tavern. Decided I wanted to come help. Not a fan of this Atku. Priest called me a short man after the accident. No offense," he turned to AR.

"None taken," he mumbled as he looked over Waka.

"You got any weapons?" Doc asked, scanning the man over.

"Nothing but my hands and my trusty unicycle. Got some tools in my backpack, but, well..."

Doc shook his head. "Don't worry. Long as you can build something to get this ship down to the coast, I think you'll do just fine."

Bob nodded as Cap slung an arm around his shoulder. "Yeah, he'll get right on it."
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Post by: ScarletBea on May 26, 2015, 08:55:29 PM
Scarlet looked at this Bob.
He would have to be watched carefully, if he knew her name from... no, she had promised herself not to dwell in the past anymore. Those days were long gone. Days when she had followed the goat into the fairground, and wasted her talents tricking people, forgetting her true self.
She had promised herself revenge, and this mad bunch of people, plus ship, were the best way she could have found.
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Post by: Nighteyes on May 27, 2015, 12:08:00 AM
"Well goodtiming Bob," laughed the captain. "It's gnomes which got my beauty up here and gnomes which will get us back to the shore."
Bob sighed and then put his fingers to his mouth and whistled.  Within minutes gnomes appeared behind every tombstone and then industrially set to work putting ramps down and a various busybody activities involved in pushing a ship down to the nearby fishing village of Mousehole.
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Post by: eclipse on May 27, 2015, 06:51:03 AM
Bob army of robotic army of 10 gnomes got to the task at hand and there even managed to finish it but then there started to malfunction and started moondancing before catching fire

Bob raced over with spanner and started hitting his gnomish robotic army with a spanner shouting "damn you can't you ******* work properly for a change"

Maybe if he made them toy size there might work better he thought to himself
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Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 27, 2015, 06:53:04 AM
Some industrious gnomes set to work during the fire, about three trying to put the finishing touhes on the ramp, plowing their trade like beavers building a dam. Bout as much woodchips, too. Work was buzzing in the air alongside smoke, and AR's peace gone most of all. Not like the quiet of the church hall. He went over to the three watching the spectacle, Doc, Scarlet, and the Hound (?), and asked, "You sure we want to take this Waka with us?" Wasn't going to talk about Bob. They all turned their heads to see him shaking around in the grass like a dog, whoopin' and hollerin' to the clouds.

"Don't see anything wrong with it," Cap said. "Best way to get rid o' fleas, I've learned."

"I'd rather not know," Scarlet mumbled.

Doc answered for him. "I think it was his 'running with the wolf pups,' as he put it. Think that meant he traveled with Vikings."

"Nords," Cap chastised. "Never call a Nord a Viking. They don't like their cousins, not one bit."

"How can you tell the difference?"

Cap scratched his head. Picked his nose. Pointed at the bay and the fishing village of Mousehole by extension. "Dunno. But speaking of Nords," he flung a glob at the grass, "I think that's one o' their longships. Always wanted to steer me a longship. And Seven Hells, the masts on that thing. You think-"

"No. No we cannot." Scarlet stamped her foot for emphasis and crossed her arms.

"Well, I wonder if we can race 'em." He rubbed his beard. "Hurry up you gnomes. Ain't got all day! Sun's a wastin'! We got a race to win!"

Doc grinned and glanced at the wizard. "Perhaps we can ask them how their King is doing?"... "As we beat their asses to the shore."
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Post by: ArcaneArtsVelho on May 27, 2015, 09:39:24 AM
A.R.'s colour-changing, mood-indicating robes were now all black, imparting his shattered peace amidst the chaos. And the new color of his attire did not make him feel any better. "My God it's hot in here", he said, looking at the sun that was shining through parting rain clouds.

"Aye! But at least it's moist heat", Cap said. He could have told a story of the time when he sailed the Sand Desert of Dirtia down south, but it was better left to another time as there were more pressing matters at hand: The ramp was in flames and so was part of the fishing village down the hill. Cap climbed up to the deck of the Schmoking Dutchman and took the helm. "Okay you landlubbers," he shouted to the others, "shove my girl in the arse! I mean, the stern."

The others down on the ground, apart from the shroom eating shaman, moved to the back of the ship, hesitating a bit, uncertain of the forethought of the command. But as the captain was very adamant about his plan, they had no choice but to give the ship a decisive nudge.

"Yeehaw! I mean, Arrr!" The captain was ecstatic as his vessel slowly but surely started its accelerating descent along the flaming ramp. "Now grab the ropes to slow it down!"

Doc looked around, puzzled. "What ropes?"

Cap let out a whining "Arrr" before he started to scream in panic. The ship was sliding swiftly straight through the Mousehole and towards the broadside of the Vik... Nord longship.
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Post by: ScarletBea on May 27, 2015, 10:59:44 AM
Scarlet quickly opened her blue book, waved her hands in the air, and their ship stopped 1 inch from the Vik... Nord one.

A lonely flame jumped to it, quickly extinguished by a blonde-braided man almost 7 feet tall, looking at the Pirate with a less than friendly face.

'Arrr', whined the Cap, looking at the others who had moved right to the back of their ship.

Scarlet had her arms firmly crossed and her lips were making a thin line.
Doc had no such scrupples and was laughing from his distance, while A.R.'s robes were flaming red while he ran to the prow to calm all ruffled feathers. It seems his diplomatic skills would be needed sooner than he expected.
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Post by: ArcaneArtsVelho on May 27, 2015, 03:03:35 PM
A.R. cleared his throat. "Hello, my Viking friends!"

Oh shit! I said the V word.

The priest turned around, away from the gritted teeth and scowling looks of the Nords. "I think someone else should take care of this", he said. His robes were unsure of what colour to pick and changed from embarrassed red to slightly nauseated green to melancholic blue, finally settling haltingly to sad black.

Both Doc and Cap were ready to step up to try to soothe the insulted Nords, but before either of them could speak they heard a strange, undulating voice screaming from the hillside. Waka, who had been left behind, had come up with a fast method for descending the hill. He came down it, rolling and tumbling in a rather uncontrollable fashion, his bangles jingling. With a thud and crash he hit a side of a shack that stood on one of the village's wharfs. Amongst the rubble of broken boards, barrels, and fishing nets Waka exclaimed, "WakaWeeWow! These mushrooms are great! My head is spinning like never before."

Whether it was the comedic arrival of the shaman or the Nords' affinity to mushrooms, something made the previously stern men of the longship smile and chuckle.

A.R. took a long look at Waka, who made no attempt to free himself from the debris.

Maybe he's not COMPLETELY useless after all.

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Post by: Doctor_Chill on May 27, 2015, 10:16:44 PM
"Hear that Snorri? Captain was right. This beach does have the famed mushrooms of Vinersmjall." Giant known as Snorri lumbered up to the bow and peered at the shaman. Little man held graycaps in his hands like trophies from a champion poker game or something. Danced beside the Nord's crustacean monkey.

"Seems so, White Beard. Seems so." Snorri moved his eyes from the shore to the other boat in front of their's. "Praytell me, gentlemen, where can we find such, er, scrumptious morsels of fungi?" He coughed mighty hard and turned back to his mates. "Think they understood that?"

"Aye," White Beard nodded with a chuckle and slapped his knee. "You'll be speaking Continent talk like the bards soon enough."

But our Cap had a different idea. "You can find them up your arse, mateys! Mushy-rooms aren't for sale. Not unless-"

"We're not racing," Scarlet scolded.

"A race?" Snorri's face perked up since he had seen the shaman's treasure. "You pesky landlubbers want a race? For mushrooms? Why, I could beat you to Davy Jones' Locker and back before you lot had made it to the horizon."

Other Nord put a hand on the man's shoulder. "Not your call, Snorri," White Beard said. "We need Freya's approval."

Snorri slapped the hand away and grinned. "Captain'll be up for a race with these Continent folk, sure enough. Then we'll get our mushrooms I tell ya. Make the gods proud."

Doc turned to the rest of the group to see about their opinion, nevermind the shaman or the gnomes below or even the Hound who was already at his wheel. "Why, the Schmoking Dutchman can beat all o' you Vikings! Come on, crew. Out to starboard. Into the water we go!"
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"Hang on Cap, don't we need a crew?" asked Scarlet.
"Look at the sides of the ship!" shouted the captain.
Rushing to the side, Scarlet saw a couple of dozen calamari headed men climbing up, grins on their face.
"That there is the villagers, the Calamari men.  Finest ship crew you'll ever find.  And best of all they only need to be paid in plankton!" the captain laughed.  "Here's their leader, Akbar, now. "  The captain gestured to a particularly intelligent looking calamari man. "Go fetch me racing trousers!"
"It's a trap!" the calamari man barked back, before racing down below deck. 
"Blessed Virgin Velma!" Scarlet whispered.  "You think of everything don't you captain.  I can see why your entry under the RPG's Who's Who reads 'the finest captain that ever sailed the seven seas", and why Jmack starts shaking and sucking his thumb every time your name is mentioned."
"Well next time you are visiting Jmack and crew, can you give them a little present.  The captain pointed to a small wicker basket, where the sounds of squwaking could be heard. "As you set it free, just whisper 'But this was no ordinary chicken. This chicken was evil manifest.'  Now where is Doc? I need him to climb the mast and keep watch for me."
"Last I saw him Cap't, he was following that Frenchman below decks," called back A.R.
"Velma the thundering Virgin Velociraptor!  Why did you let him following those hips?" cursed the Captain. 

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Post by: wakarimasen on May 28, 2015, 01:28:37 PM
Waka clambered aboard the ship with the Calamari men. Watching for signs of the goat. A weave of light and colour and been wrought by the holy mushrooms but he could see no ethereal horns or hooves on the crew. It was a good omen, he decided.

Dodging around several iridescent whirlwinds that were probably not real, he moved to the Captain's side.

"Beware the flame of Jupiter." He whispered to the happy pirate. "Mark not the passing of the wind, lest it brings fell wrath to your vessel. You must move with the tide if you are to finish the race without the smell of sulpher on all."
He nodded earnestly as the Captain cocked his eyebrow at him.

"Yeeeaah. Very handy. Thanks. Any other pearls o' wisdom?"

Waka's face screwed up in concentration, he had thought his revelations wisdom enough for any man but far be it for him to disappoint his new ally.

"I think the priest has nits?"

The Captain edged back nodding.

"So that's two of you I don't want to be standing next to then." He turned his attention back to his crew, scrambling to ready his pride and joy for the race.
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The captain gave A.R. a wide berth and strange glances as he moved around the ship, making preparations.

"What?" A.R. asked.

"Oh, nothing", the pirate answered.

The priest eyed the other with suspicion. "Is there a problem? If this is still about Doc and the Frenchy, I tell you that it's not my duty to shepherd them."

"No, no. Of course not", Cap mumbled, trying to examine A.R.'s bald head with a spyglass without him noticing.

"Stop that!"

"Avast!" the captain shouted to Waka. "No nits here! His skin be hairless as a whale's arse!"

"Argh!" A.R. snarled.

"No, it's Arrr."

"Off with you! I have many important things to do." A.R. turned his back to Cap and started to scribble something on a piece of paper.

What is this "fairy tale" that keeps surfacing in my mind? Yet another thing I have forgotten?

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Post by: wakarimasen on May 28, 2015, 02:51:47 PM
Waka pointed to his loincloth and nodded at A.R., his eyes fixed on the pirate Captain.

The captain gasped. "Barnacles on his keel eh?... I see..."
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"Right!" barked the Captain.  "I'm not looking down there.  Now we need to get sailing.  Get the Doc back up here, and tie him to the mast if need be to keep him focused.  A.R. that's your job!  Quartermaster Akbar!  Set a course for that lighthouse over there.  Scarlet, signal the damn vikings, sorry Nords, tell them the first one to circumnavigate the lighthouse, and reach the island to the East..."  The captain stared through his magnifying glass at the dusty old map in front of him, "Yes, this one.  I ... Slar ... Nub ... Lar. Yes, sounds a lovely place for a picnic afterwards."
"Aye, aye Captain!" shouted Scarlet making sure she secured the sinister looking wicker basket which was making an ominous squawking noise, before climbing the nearby mast, and sending a succession of flag signals. 
The Nord craft replied in the affirmative, and with the Doc tied to the main mast, and Charlemagne secured tightly to the figurehead, it was at last time for the great race to begin. 
None of the crew had noticed a man with a curled mustache, and a grey mutt swimming over from the Nord ship.  "Drat, drat, and double drat, Muttley!" the man with the mustache muttered, as he and his mutt climbed up the side of the Schmoking Dutchman.
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"Fallen asleep, have you all?" barked the captain. "Well me and the calamari will have to get the plot moving!"

Both ships sailed majestically out of the port of Mousehole. Many an old sailor gathered at the portside wept to see two fine schooners gliding through the twinkling amethyst sea. With minutes though it quickly became apparent that the Nords had an advantage. Their longboat was manned by dozens of muscular rowers, whilst the Schmoking Ductchman depended on the currently reticent sea winds to carry out it to sea.

The captain wiped his brow and looked over to Scarlet. "You don't have any spells to conjure a strong wind in there?"
Waka chortled, "I have a strong south easterly breeze in me breeches!"
"Well that explains the smell but doesn't help us."
The captain fingered his figurine of the virgin velociraptor for inspiration as his crew were being as helpful as a team of Ofsted inspectors.

Then to add to his problems he discovered that some joker had sawn a hole in the side of his ship. He could hear the rasping laugh of a Mutt.

"Why the hell would they do that?" He wondered.  Also rather confusing a large beacon was bobbing by the side of the ship with a sign saying 'Litehouse this way' with a badly drawn arrow pointing in entirely the wrong way. He realised he had an infestation of cartoon critters and reluctantly released the poor Doc. "Right doc. You can't see his gyrating hips now as he is tied to the figurehead. Hunt me down those damn toons and I 'll see what I can do about the wind."  He sighed as he noticed that Wakka was hanging off the end of the ship with his breeches down, farting into the wind.
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Doc was finally released from mast duty, down chasing varmits and finally feeling at ease with the ship. It swayed with the waves as they careened toward winning, but before then he needed to get rid of these pesky toons. He found the hole soon enough with the beacon sticking out of it. Doc pulled the thing out but found it to be holding water back so shoved it back in. Swore with a little bit of saltwater down his throat and went to scouring the cargo.

Akbar sprung from one barrel screaming, "It's a trap!"

"Shut it," Doc said and shot at his funny hat. "Now, where did I put my Bestiary?" Found it with the pickled cucumbers, labeled CHARLIE'S SPECIAL BLEND. Ah. He flicked through his booklet of fine beast descriptions, past the rabbits enjoying their springtime fever, onwards across the pages of giant mooncrickets to the description of toons. Muttley and Dick Dastardly specifically.

Book said in a raspy voice, "There's many ways to defeat this dastardly duo, especially in a race. You can ask him to stop for a photo. You can drop an ACME bomb on his flying machine. My personal preference is drawing a hole and writing 'HOLE' on it. Works just fine, but none of the others have that certain finesse, per se."

"Thanks John."

"A pleasure, sir. Anytime."

And the book shut itself as Doc could hear in the corner with the rats, "Triple drat. Do something, Muttley!" Duo scurried around and created more of a racket.

Doc sighed to himself and changed his pistol for a bit of chalk. "Guess I better get to drawing."
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Bizarrely the rest of the crew seemed to believe they were winning. Obviously couldn't see the there being a problem with the other ship being several lengths ahead of them. Scarlet seemed to be lost in her book. The Captain wondered if the priest would be of any use. A.R. scratched his brow and then took out his figurine of the virgin Velma. He then pulled out a knife and cut the Captain's arm.
"Ouch! Why the flaming smeg did you do that for?" cursed the Captain.
"Needs blood, and mine ain't worth naught since ... well never mind that ... hang on!" A.R
To the Captain's amazement, a breeze caught the sails and the ship began to move faster through the waves.
"We're gaining on them!" the captain roared in delight.
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Just as Doc was putting the finishing touches on his Van Gogh, the ship rocketed forward and messed with the magical space time continuum Doc was messing with. It created an actual hole in the wood! Water started gushing inside and our fearless gunslinger started coughing, the landlubber. He hit the planks and gargled some more.

A man twisting his mustache stood over the Doc and yelled, "Get 'im, Muttley! That trick'll never work on us again." The dog wheezed out a laugh and jumped on the man.

"Akbar, help!" Doc screamed as he pushed the muzzle of Muttley away.

"Can't," the quartermaster popped out from his barrel of wee. "Might be a-" He inhaled a smell of Waka up above and started coughing like the Doctor, too.
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Bob was below ship working on one of his machines when he saw Doc

"what's up doc"

" I've just made a invention which just might help our current predicament it's supposed to call friendly dolphins to us to save us from a sinking ship, thing is it's not been tested yet and we could end up calling a kraken instead Should we use it or wait and see"
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Doc punched Muttley again, the dastardly Dick still hovering over the fight. "Yes, do it! Or get some help to plug up this hole."

He spluttered out some water and went back to wailing on the pup.
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Bob flung his spanner knocking over dastardly dick and pressed the button on his machine hoping to the gods that it actually worked and wouldn't do anything strange

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Called by the strange device, friendly dolphins began dancing around the prow of the ship.

"Oh," said one dolphin. "There is a man tied to the bow sprit. That must be uncomfortable. Come brothers! Come sisters! We should free him."

The friendly dolphins began jumping form the water, and each one took a small nibble from the robes binding the nice human. And very soon, the ropes parted. The dolphins were very happy to have helped, and they swam off.

"Aha!" yelled the Frenchman.  "I am zo very very free! I feel ze wind sluicing up my knickers. Eet ees a fine day for a zail"
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"Here let me help some more," Bob said, pushing Akbar's barrel to plug up the hole. Lower decks were still filled to the brim with salty water. And varmits, Doc noted as he flung Muttley into Dastardly Dick's arms.

He rose to his feet quickly and pulled out his six-shooter before they had time to recover. "Bob, get me that book over there. The one with the antlers on the cover."

The gnome hurried over to the leather bound book and opened. "Whaddaya need?"

"John," Doc said, keeping a wary eye on the two toons," Tell me if there's another way to beat Dastardly Dick and his hound dog."

"They need to walk the plank," the Hound strode down the stairs, cutlass drawn. "What's all the hubbub down here? And the water! Chill, I thought I told you to catch these toons, not bathe 'em."

"Shoulda bathed you," he tossed back. "Anyway, you heard the Captain. Up you go." He beckoned them to the deck with his pistol. They were sluggish to follow till the Cap put his sword at their stomachs. "Go. And Bob, can you try and get this water out o' here in the meantime?"

Gnome nodded. "I shall do my best."

"If yer best involves a shop vac, that'd be just dandy," Cap said running up the stairs. What he saw at the top struck his fancy. "Why, we're in the lead! Hah! Told ya nobody can beat the Schmoking Dutchman! Nobody this side of the Canaries!"

He stopped his cheers when he saw Charlie back on the poopdeck, swinging his hips for the local calimari-men.

"Dammit, you Frenchman," he muttered as he wrastled up some rope again. "Seems Doc lost his Crow's Nest duty."
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Scarlet looked up and complained "hey I'm trying to sleep here, and my head is just pounding. Can't you stop the racket?"

'Erm, lady', shouted the Cap, 'we're in the middle of a race here, or have you forgotten? Not to mention trying to eliminate Dastardly and Muttley, restrict the frenchie and not worry about a strange floating shiny thing in the distance!'

Oh well, thought Scarlet, I knew they'd need me, that's why I joined Doc in the first place. Better do something, it doesn't even have to make sense.
'Oh is that all? Which one would you think is more important?'

Closing his eyes to the rotating hips while Doc put the rope around the frenchie and dragged him away, Cap sighed 'I don't have time for philosophical questions, frack! Just get us to that island before the fracking Vikings!'

A.R. piped in a soft voice 'We're really not supposed to call them Vikings, Vikings live in a country further to the northeast and...'

[and since she wasn't a writer, she could write 'suddenly' in the middle of an action scene.. oh ok then, follow the leader]

All of a sudden, the ship shuddered and shot through the waters, leaving the ugly blondes behind. It felt like a very big thing was pushing them towards the island.
The force was too much, and in a few seconds the Schmoking Ductchman was stuck in the shallows, right in the island where we were supposed to have arrived a few posts ago.

Everyone [Scarlet wasn't sure who exactly was in the boat anymore, so a general pronoun was usually effective] looked back and saw Scarlet at the back of the ship [who knew what that thing was called properly anyway?], giving a bowl of what looked like chocolate mousse to the big thing who had pushed them and was just now disappearing under the waters.

The Doc looked stunned 'That looked a lot like...'

'GODZILLA' shouted the Cap. ' But she didn't even like it when he showed up last year! Now they're friends?'

'Oh shut up, you ungrateful so-and-so. Needs must, and you asked me for a strong wind to get you to the island. Now, wind as a plot device is so passé, don't you think?'
She stiffled a yawn and looked around.
'Right, the island. What exactly are we supposed to do now?'
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"We were supposed to sail around the island, you daft witch!" the Cap yelled. "Now all we've got is a dry docked ship and Godzilla out there going back to his underwater den." Pirate shook his head and sighed. "Can't even send off Dastardly Dick and his mangy mutt now. You see what you-"

"Shut it," Scarlet said for the umpteenth time, gawking at the lighthouse.

Bob tugged on the Hound's bootstraps and gave a smile. "I can get the ship off these rocks, sir. Me and my space gnomes and the calimari-men. We can push it or maybe I can pitch together a contraption or...." He trailed off, too.

"It's too late for that now," Cap moaned. "The damn Nords're catching up. We'll never make it around in time. Never. My, I wanted for once in me life to beat a Nord. Just once. And to think-"

"Cap." Scarlet's eyes were still on the lighthouse. "Shut. It." But wait.

Ah. It wasn't a lighthouse. "It's the tower. The one with the ring."