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Positive: it's a bank holiday, there's no work
Negative: despite sleeping quite a lot (but with many interruptions) I still feel listless, and it's really really grey outside - not a speck of different colour in the sky

Positive: Fool's quest is very good
Negative: I'm about 100 pages from the end and I'm mixed between just reading it until the end, quickly, or making it last until I get book 3 from the library
[MAY 2017] Music / Re: [May 2017] - Music - Discussion Thread
« Last post by ArcaneArtsVelho on Today at 09:44:52 AM »
I'm tempted.  :)

Buuuut I only have a song; no meaningful story to go along with it.
Much luck hunting, @Doctor_Chill.
Hope you get a great summer gig.
Just remember, there's always pole dancing if nothing else works out.
Trust him, he speaks from experience.
Writers' Corner / Re: Writing and Solitude
« Last post by Bradley Darewood on Today at 08:14:39 AM »
you mean beyond it's obvious value in procrastination? :) ;D
Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Elves and humans
« Last post by Ar on Today at 08:07:53 AM »
Maybe it will be an interesting idea to present elves as a kind of marine nation? It would be not so far from existing images (eg. Tolkien's universe, Warhammer universe), but still quite distanced from a typical forest guy with a bow. They could be people just living on their ships, traveling, trading and exploring - kind of sea nomads. They seem to be irrelevant for any human conflict, but maybe some clever ruler has an idea how to gather and use the elven fleet or something like this?  ;)
Writers' Corner / Re: How much did you write today?
« Last post by night_wrtr on Today at 06:01:58 AM »
398 words. But I spent 2 hours drawing a new map. So...nailed it.

I blocked off from June 1st to around mid-October. If I write 800ish words per day I'll have a complete novel. Going to be a grind, but i'm going all in.
I have an onerous task in the morning. I will receive 20 -25 pages of text, and my objective is to ensure they provide the information required and do it in a way that is compliant with instructions. Sounds simple enough, right?  There's over a thousand pages of instructions spread across two dozen documents. Oh, and it relates to logistics, providing several kinds of fuel across several countries, something I know nothing about. And the provision will happen in countries currently at war. What could go wrong?

The good news: I get to work at home, and periodically play fetch with Piper. Oh, and the pool is now 80 degrees F.
Writers' Corner / Re: Writing and Solitude
« Last post by The Gem Cutter on Today at 05:22:55 AM »
After working in a very fast-paced, social environment I found it incredibly lonely. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy solitude as much as anyone, but isolation hit me from two directions. I am collaborative by nature, and I was accustomed to working as a member or leader of a group and relying on that group for feedback and input. I also enjoy people very much. With neither of those positive things, I found writing alone difficult and unsettling. It's one of the reasons I came to be a frequent visitor here.
Writers' Corner / Writing and Solitude
« Last post by Bradley Darewood on Today at 05:05:37 AM »
Do any of you get lonely when writing? I've got a book treatment and two competition deadlines for wed and a speech to write for tomorrow and all this being alone in my room is kinda lonely
Monthly Writing Contest / Re: Winners and Stories
« Last post by tebakutis on Today at 02:32:32 AM »
I didn't notice either. Leave it like it is or ask Jennie to change it?

Oh gawd, that was MY fault! :-[
I jumped through the "last contest" one, but then stopped at the apocalypse theme, and didn't read further where it actually mentioned the dystopia ::)

Sorry :-[ :-[

Hahah! I spaced as well, so you folks are in good company. :p

EDIT: And I wrote the story!
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