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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Disabled Heroes!
« Last post by Peat on Today at 05:31:30 PM »
In b4 everyone says Glokta and Tyrion.

Can't think of anyone else who fits off of the top of my head. Although I guess it depends what you think as disabled. I mean, Rand loses a hand, Mat loses an eye, Harry loses function of his hand, Karal in Mage Storms gets blinded... but Karal and Mat, it happens so late it barely registers, Rand and Harry it registers a bit but its hardly life altering. Jaime too I guess. All the cool kids getting their hands chopped off.

But then I've been playing rugby all my life and have only just realised I'm probably eligible to enter the paralympics due to impaired leg strength and mobility, and have next to no vision in my right eye, and rarely stop to think if I'm anything other than able bodied. I guess we're all used to thinking wheelchairs, limbs missing, complete sensory deprivation and not really considering the full spectrum.
Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Disabled Heroes!
« Last post by ultamentkiller on Today at 04:50:01 PM »
No blind heroes, unless you make them cool like Daredevil. A poisonous chemical gave him superhearing, which justifies everything he can do. And he uses technology throughout the show that I use every day. Also, there was a blind guy on this show called Covert Affairs. At first it was a little rocky, but eventually they did his research and did an excellent job of portraying blind people, except with one stupid episode later in the series.

Too many people mess up blind characters, so every time I hear about one, I don't even bother looking at it unless other blind people say it's worth it. Let them suffer through it first.
They're pretty good. I don't regret reading them, but I also wouldn't recommend them to anyone else. If you have the last three books though, might as well read the first three.

to me, the first book is awesome, and should be a stand-alone. The rest just can't follow. And the end... It ends with the characters joking about a war they started that killed millions of people. Joking about it. Because that's what you do in that situation I guess. It's because Butcher didn't allow the surviving cast to suffer the necessary consequences of a large-scale conflict, which gives the whole series a popcorn action movie vibe in my mind now.
Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Are you in or out of the closet?
« Last post by Eclipse on Today at 04:44:59 PM »
My wife was quite into Game of Thrones until people started getting their throats cut and blood came gushing out!

I didn't know you had a wife....
Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Are you in or out of the closet?
« Last post by Eclipse on Today at 04:42:17 PM »
I'm getting braver before I wouldn't admit to reading fantasy books, I think this place has made me more confident

voted for Only the closest people in my life know.

Teaching it to read fantasy books obviously!
>crawls out from a pile of sheep, machinery and paperwork<

I'm back! Been a hectic month of farming, but I've mad it out alive (for now).

>My tbr pile is now 44 books high.
>I am now on my 100th book of the year.
>I never want to see a sheep again.

How are things with you?
I have to ask. What were you doing with sheep? Or do we want to know?

>I am now on my 100th book of the year.

Epic Fantasy is almost always a "save the world" quest. Even happens when books that start small start to grow in scale.
It's also a case of "the journey is more important than the destination" because I have yet to see a single story of the kind that the world is actually destroyed, so the final outcome is predictable, so you just want to know how they do it (the sacrifices, relationships established, tension for losses or relief of getting away with it, etc).

Now I want to write one where the world is destroyed, but that would happen somewhere in the middle of the series, and then the rest of the series would involve putting things back together.

There is actually an epic fantasy saga where the world is destroyed. Kind of. On the context of LotR, the saga ends the moment where Sauron gets the ring. Basically, the entire saga is about not allowing the return of a bad God in the world, and by the end of it, he returns and the saga ends.

Now unless the author decides to continue it, but even in that case, I think it will be a very nihilistic ending anyway. And for that saga, the ending made perfect sense.
Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Disabled Heroes!
« Last post by Eclipse on Today at 04:17:35 PM »
Does it still hold true

from the fantasy faction article

that Heroes and heroines might be expanding in race, gender, colour and sexual preference, but one thing that is still stuck running backwards, is physical capability and disfigurement.

Some interesting articles on disabled Heroes



A post by Peter Newman, author of The Vagrant and The Malice


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