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Author Topic: The Poison Song by Jen Williams (setting the scene - recaps/ reminders please!)  (Read 4156 times)

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Ahhh... the issue with reading a trilogy as it is published when you have the memory of a goldfish. 

However Jen is doing a good job at threading in references to previous books:  It begins with Noon liberating th fell-witches from the Winnowry - useful reminder of where she came from.  (I imagine Noon as looking a bit like Elizabeth Olson)  Then we spend time with Hestillon (Celaphon is the tiger best on the cover right?) reminding us that she has joined the Jure'lia (but can't remember Bern replacing the memory in the crystal) and vaguely remember Bern and Alisdair escaping (hoping we get reunited with them soon.)

And now we are back with the original three:  Vintage  (Emma Thompson surely?), Tor and Noon. And now I remember their quest to the island and how creepy it was.  What was the name of the Eboran they were hunting?  And they discovered they were just a weird alien experiment gone wrong.  And weren't there people living on the island? (Damn memory.)  And why are Tor and Noon cold towards each other now?  They were lovers for a bit right?  Though Noon did burn and scar Tor?   
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Ahhh... the issue with reading a trilogy as it is published when you have the memory of a goldfish. 
Me too :'(
And when you try to google reviews of the previous books with spoilers, but they're all quite happy to mention they don't have spoilers >:(

Celaphon is the tiger best on the cover right?
No, Celaphon is a dragon, the tiger is Kirune.
Don't worry, it will be clearer later in the book.

I also couldn't remember why Tor and Noon were cold...

@sennydreadful, can you help? ;D
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