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I think you'd enjoy Foundryside a lot. :)


Thanks, Bea. I am a grumpy old man used to my own space so it will be tough. Her flat was one of 14 and some of her neighbours were dicks, so I am happier having her with me or at least out of there. It will make sense for her financially as she will get a chance to save for a deposit on a place of her own at an early age and before she actually starts earning real money. She is a first year apprentice in electrical engineering so smarter than her dad.
This can either be a great chance to resolve past issues and grow closer together or be the start of another period where you don't talk to each other.
I wish you luck for the first option!

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: June 15, 2020, 10:10:43 PM »
Happy birthday, Elfy! Has it ever snowed at your birthday? :)

Finished Turning Darkness into Light by Marie Brennan. Enjoyable in a different way than the Natural History of Dragons-books.
Next... dunno yet.

Didn't realize I'm a kingkiller now. I should really go about fighting mercenaries and romancing fairies now. But then that feels like too much work.  8)

How about finishing your own story? It will be faster than Pat :)

If I finish it, it'll be a smut with some action. Will leave it Pat  :o
Sooo like The Wise Man's Fear? ;)

Protect and serve vs law enforcement is the same as rehabilitation vs punishment as a prison's purpose.
What the current American system does is, as Chilly describes and as countless studies show, producing more and more criminals so that more and better armed cops and more privatized prisons are needed (draw your own conclusions as to who profits from that).
People with the mental state sought in police recruits in the USA are mostly exactly those who are dismissed in more sane countries. It's not a surprise that domestic violence in police officer families is four times higher than the average in the USA (study is from the 90's and there aren't more recent ones).
And if you read up on the origin of "the War on Drugs" you get your racial component because that was from the beginning a tool to oppress and control black people.

Isn't it already decided since Rake slew Draconis back then? ;)

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: June 07, 2020, 09:23:32 PM »
Happy birthday, Caleb! Great to read that you had a good day. :)

This theme is the best possible as far as I'm concerned and have been reading carefully over the last couple of weeks.


My notes say Wonderful, Excellent, OMG, YES YES YES, Magical, Beautiful, Just Perfect  all over the place.
However much people complain Dragons are old hat etc, they are truly diverse beings. You are all Dragon Champions and have shown proof here. Thank  you.
:D :D LIKE! 8)
Me too! You are a treasure, @Lady Ty, be careful no dragon gets you for its hoard. ;)

General Discussion / Re: The Virus thread
« on: June 05, 2020, 08:58:11 AM »
I don't think @The Gem Cutter is so wrong. There is a (so far unprecedented in newer history) crisis because of Corona and existing problems like police brutality, racial inequality, a healthcare system that is as bad as it is expensive or class warfare - which were simmering until now, suddenly ignite and explode. A crisis always exposes the weak points in a system and the US has/had a lot of those weak points. Stressed and combined, it's really not that surprising and I think the USA are at a breaking point/crossroads now.

Get well soon, Jmack!

General Discussion / Re: Madeleine McCann
« on: June 05, 2020, 08:07:53 AM »
I never got why this special case is so much more important than all the other cases where children disappeared...

Finished Naomi Novik's Spinning Silver. I liked it a lot and it felt close to Katherine Arden's The Bear and the Nightingale and, of course, to Uprooted.

Next will be N.K. Jemisin's How long until Black Future Month? and/or Turning Darkness into Light by Marie Brennan.

AUGUST: Dialogue

This month's theme is not a theme as you know it but a writing exercise. We want you to tell a story only in dialogue form, with no descriptions at all. All kinds of Fantasy or Science Fiction are eligible.

Submission topic will be created on the first of August.

Note: This thread is only for questions or discussing this month's writing contest. Good luck!

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