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Writers' Corner / Re: Fantasy-Faction Writing Group
« on: September 29, 2015, 04:54:08 PM »
Take me off the list too. Just got a new job and it takes my day, won't have enough free time for writing. Have to be fair with the others. Good luck, write good stories ;)

Writers' Corner / Re: Fantasy-Faction Writing Group
« on: July 31, 2015, 07:55:13 PM »
Hi, I was interested before... i just haven't been active lately. Still interested so, count me in if I'm on time :)

General Discussion / Re: Travelling in the Balkans
« on: May 30, 2015, 12:27:43 AM »
Have fun. I would recommend time along the Croatian coast if you can fit it in. Best seaside in the world!
Thx, nice to hear it :)
@silvijanus, I think it makes more sense to ask you this question!  ;D
I will try to give few tips. Forget about trains cause our lines are pretty much slow, below standard if we talk about speed. I would rather take the bus. You should make time and go south to see Croatian coast. Lovely place, lots of islands, clear sea etc. , you were asking about history - there's plenty. Split (town of emperor Diocletian + Game of Thrones locations + Ultra festival and other places to go out + myth about most beautiful woman in the world (not far from the truth ;) )), Klis fort (5-10 km outside Split, in GOT Meereen), Dubrovnik (not much to say here, pretty much famous town + GOT locations cause D. is King's Landing). That's just to name few towns and places along the coast...
Don't be afraid to try our food in restaurants, it will be good in every normal place you choose to eat. Those few tips are first to come to my mind. If you have more questions considering Croatia, just ask and I'll try to answer and point the way. Have fun. 

The same stairs?! Where?
Croatia. Not my first close encounter with GOT, I was extra season before so I had some nice experience with the show. Sorry if my post is off topic, couldn't find general topic on GOT Tv show.

Just finished with episodes 2 and 3. Oh that moment when... you go running on the beach, at the end you sit on the small stairs thinking about Martins books, and how it would be cool if they make a tv series about it... especially after one of those special moments when Arya shows the coin to get on the boat (valar morgulis)... then 5-6 years later Tv show is filmed, and Arya is sitting on the same stairs with black@white doors behind. Eh what are the odds :) Sorry, had to share with someone who might understand :D

Writers' Corner / Re: Magic System ideas
« on: May 11, 2015, 03:32:07 PM »
True and really important. In Hundred Thousand Kingdoms there is a guy who apparently can destroy whole world and universe in a minute. He had some limitations being a slave, but such overpower was too much, book ended there for me... I read the book to the end just for fun, because main woman character had a silly 50 shades idea that she can fix him.
I disagree. He was one of 2-3 omnipotent gods and omnipotent means that he can practically do what he wants, regardless of rules (only limitation was towards the other 1-2 gods). He was never a POV, and if you're having an omnipotent being in your story I pretty well expect him to be exactly that.

Limitations in magic are necessary, but an all powerful god with limitations is ridiculous.

It would have been boring had he been a MC and POV character, but he was not.
I don't have a problem with HTK system or omnipotent gods, but characters who can destroy whole universe in moments are not my thing in (fantasy) stories. It's a matter of choice. For me it was too much, somebody else will love it...
To stay on topic: when giving characters power and magical, extraordinary ability you're on thin ice. Easy to slip, much harder to make it great. That's why we are here talking about magic systems, trying to figure out what goes what not :)

Writers' Corner / Re: Magic System ideas
« on: May 10, 2015, 08:02:08 PM »
As for myself, I've come up with a fair number of fun magic systems over the years. A very recent idea I came up with is a magic based on self-hypnosis. You might've heard of Achievements in Ignorance, where people manage to do seemingly impossible things simply because nobody told them it was impossible. The idea behind this is that taken up to 11. You hypnotise yourself into so confidently believing you can cast, for example, a fireball, that your sheer will effectively convinces reality it should step aside and allow you to do so. Of course, the problem there is that once reality figures out what you've done, it gets pissed and tries to get its own back, but hey every magic system has (or at least should have) its downfalls.
Interesting set-up for magic system ;) 
Not to give the man too much credit, but I like Sandersons Second Law: Limitations are more interesting than powers.
True and really important. In Hundred Thousand Kingdoms there is a guy who apparently can destroy whole world and universe in a minute. He had some limitations being a slave, but such overpower was too much, book ended there for me... I read the book to the end just for fun, because main woman character had a silly 50 shades idea that she can fix him.

Writers' Corner / Re: Magic System ideas
« on: May 10, 2015, 03:52:21 PM »
Magic is so elusive so good question to start is: what is magic? Magic and magic system is probably the hardest thing to do well in fantasy, maybe because it's appeal lies in mystery and not knowing how it works.

Yes, I did understand your point; was just trying to look at the other side of the coin.  8)

And to your point, I think there's many reasons, and a few come to mind that might be interesting to think about:
> The blank page is terrifying (Do I have anything to say?)
> The page with ink on it is terrifying (Is what I'm saying worth a damn thing?)
> We're deluding ourselves and somewhere deep down we know it (I'm really good at writing... er, no)
> We're just procrastinating because, well, see the three above  ;D
So, some self imposed pressure is stopping us from having that incredible fun we have when writing. Maybe one could try flip things over to more positive attitude... like "blank page is terrifying" to "let's fill this blank page with interesting new creation". If you have a deadline and a blank page, ok now it's more terrifying. Why amateur writer is terrified of blank page... and whole this writer avoids writing thing is funny.

Deluding part, ah maybe you are on to something there. When you are normal down to earth person maybe you doubt yourself and the story so often that it block writing. When you're a bit nuts on the other hand, you don't waste time thinking about delusion, you just write (paint, play music or whatever). Sometimes in life, most important step is to dare and try. Sam would never got Rosie if Frodo didn't pushed him :D 

Worldbuilding: deciding where you're going to live for many pages
Good way of describing it, +1.

No, no... people I'm thinking about want to write stories, not rpg backgrounds. Of course it's a good thing to know how to build a fort, how crossbows or sails work to make details realistic. I'm really interested in this conflict - avoiding writing. Why do we avoid writing if we want to write? I can understand few reasons: someone might just be too lazy, self doubt, lack of gripping story to tell... or if you are G. Martin I can understand that you have everything: respect of writers and readers, money and fame... so why finish the series, it's becoming a chore.

I read one good line, it goes something like: "good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet." Maybe this is the reason. Raptori said: when I start writing it's incredibly fun. Even though we still tend to avoid writing. Really funny actually :D

Excessive worldbuilding = avoiding writing  ;) ;D
Absolutely true. I've seen people who can talk about writing for hours, days, months... learning details about how crossbow works for example etc. but on the end of the day they don't write. What's happening, why someone who wants to write avoids writing all the time? 

It's funny how easy it is to procrastinate and avoid writing, even though once you're writing it's incredibly fun. Makes me wonder what is wrong with my brain.  :o
That! It makes two of us if it's easier to you... :D

Writers' Corner / Re: Ancient and medieval fighting and weapons
« on: April 14, 2015, 02:57:04 PM »
Shoting into the dark here, but does anyone know something about armor made from fabric and textiles? There are some pieces of "common knowledge" flying around the internet, but almost none of them hold up under serious examination.
Wearing silk shirt under armor helps against arrows. Arrow usually doesn't pierce through silk so it's easier to cleanly pull them out (helps with healing process too). Hope that helps. Just have in mind that silk shirts are expensive so lord, king or whoever is financing that army has to be rich (and willing to invest).;)

Writers' Corner / Re: Ancient and medieval fighting and weapons
« on: April 13, 2015, 01:58:04 PM »
True, but let's say it this way - we are on writers corner pdf. As readers and potential writers we love the image of individual, renegade looking type with the hood hiding his face, and a bow in one hand. Looking cool like gunslingers from western films. Thing is in RL, unlike gunslingers, archers would avoid getting in close fights. In fiction, especially fantasy, Legolas is allowed.

If you imagine the fight scene, 5vs5 or 10vs10 somewhere in old fort courtyard... archers wouldn't go there. If archer is caught up in situation described above, he would probably grab his knife or try to run away. We talked about fear and survival instincts on other fight topic. Simply they are range units with no armor and if infantry gets to them usually it's game over. Crossbow is a different story, but still need too much time to reload.

All depends on few variables actually. Back to old fort courtyard fight, archer could go for his bow but he needs time and space to work his thing. If you give your character enough time and space, it will work.

Writers' Corner / Re: Ancient and medieval fighting and weapons
« on: April 13, 2015, 10:36:41 AM »
The most common criticism I've heard against fast shoting archery videos is that those people tend to use very low powered bows that are very easy to pull. Which looks good on video, but also means they have little range, poor accuracy at longer distances, and won't penetrate deeply on a hit. The counterargument is that those people do it as a hobby and don't have the decades of training to increase the strength of their arm and chest muscles, so genuine military archers would be able to get the same speed with much more powerful bows. But I believe accuracy would still be pretty poor at anything but very close range (which you usually see in videos), and with arrows being pretty big, they would want to make every shot count or you run out of arrows very quickly.

I think the most interesting thing about trick shot archery is that it demonstrates how fast and precise the human brain can do the aiming and control the arms to make a shot against very small and moving targets. And when you then make this brain stop fooling around and actually try to kill someone effectively at long range, you get an idea of how dangerous those archers would be in a real battle situation.
Bows are not close range weapons. It would be too clumsy. Tricks shots are allowed in fiction. About poor accuracy... archers comes in bigger groups so accuracy is not a issue. One can be deadly even on long range, but it's pretty hard to hit moving objects. They dont fight as individuals. Archers unit let it rain in big numbers - that's their thing and it's deadly ;)

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