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Re: Super Dialogue Challenge Okay, here's my go at it.  Everyone please let me know what you think.

“What is the last thing you remember?”

“I..I…I saw the crack in the cannon before it became a weapon against its masters.  It exploded and tore everyone within twenty steps to shreds.”

“That’s not the last thing you remember.  You didn’t die, not there.  Look around.  You’re in a desert.”

“Maybe wit ya dead men do tell a tale, but ain’t very akcrite.”

“Shhh, let it speak.”

“I..I awoke to the silence of corpses and the caws of crows, crows everywhere, feasting.  Men, food for birds.  It’s not right.  I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t let it happen to me.  I stuffed my fiancé’s letters into the coat pocket of a man that no longer had a face.  I stole the first horse that still stood and rode it until it dropped dead.”

“A deserter, him deserves ta git kilt.”

“I didn’t waste a spell to hear your attempts at speech.  Go on, soldier.”

“I was a coward.  I know.  That bothered me most, but I couldn’t go back.  They would hang me.  The things I’ve done to survive.  I hurt people, murdered them, but I always buried them if I could.  I wouldn’t leave them for those damnable birds.”

“How did you get here, to this wasteland?”

“Ya, git to da part ya gits kilt.”

“I was with a man as horrible as me, worse.  Watson, James Watson.  He shot me in the back for my pistol and my last three bullets.  I fell here and before I died I could see them circling, damnable birds.  I reached for my coat pocket where I had kept her letters, but it was empty.  I swear…”

“Ah, why ya go and drop ya stone.  He ‘ad more story ta tell yet.”

“They go on as long as you let them, about regret, about how they would have done it different.  It’s pointless to listen to and we got the name we needed.”

“Why ya cuttin’ off his finger?  Ain’t the birds ate him up enough?”

“If you think I’m leaving behind the trigger finger of a murdered murderer, you’re insane.

“Ya goin’ ta use it fer more necromansy?”

“Necromancy.  It’s called necromancy.”

January 22, 2011, 03:24:00 AM