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Writers' Corner / Re: Writing and Solitude
« on: May 30, 2017, 06:49:21 PM »
yeah, me personally, my socialness depends totally on how full my social tank is.  it refills with solitude-homebody activities, but i love getting out and burning all the fuel i've accumulated inside the tank.  alternating between empty and full pretty much describes my life.

that fuel is there to be used, folks!

when it comes to writing, tho, i love the solitary act of creation.  i slurp up all the creative energy around me when i'm bouncing around all day, and redirect it into my story.  love, love, love it.  locking out everything and painting all that life on the page.

so, i suspect if it was just me at home, all by myself all day every day, i'd go crazy.  as it is, since i have a noisy teen/pre-teen household, i guard my solitary writing time ferociously.

pretty sure if i was a full-time writer, i'd have to write in a pub or a coffee shop several times a week.


[MAY 2017] Music / Re: [May 2017] - Music - Discussion Thread
« on: May 26, 2017, 02:41:46 PM »
@m3mnoch Best of luck to you! We'll miss reading your stories - maybe you'll just have to post some excerpts of your book instead?

ha!  you say that like i won't be pawing around here, begging all you guys to read the thing!

be careful what you ask for!

[MAY 2017] Music / Re: [May 2017] - Music - Discussion Thread
« on: May 23, 2017, 09:27:53 PM »
You're not disappearing from the forums, are you, @m3mnoch? :'(
Just the contest, right?

Anyway, lots of good luck for your book :)

yup, yup.  i love this place too much to disappear.  it's just the writing juices i want to funnel into finishing.

and, thanks!  i'll need all the luck i can get.

[MAY 2017] Music / Re: [May 2017] - Music - Discussion Thread
« on: May 23, 2017, 07:41:42 PM »
so.  um.  hey guys.  sad news.

i wanted to pop in and say that after 23 consecutive monthly entries, i'm going to miss this one.  and the rest in the foreseeable future.

basically, i blame two events:

1) the grim gathering / robin hobb / peter newman trip.

2) mark's 3rd spfbo.

i actually found this wonderful place after he announced the first one back in 2015.  i'd written a few chapters of my novel and was, like, "this is my goal!!"  then, the second one rolled around, and i was still not finished yet.

it's even been two nanowrimos and i'm STILL not done.

i keep finding excuses to put it off.

and then, last month, i hung out with all these badass aspiring authors who had, at the very least, their first drafts done.  and many of them were dropping books on shelves, both virtual and physical.  i want to be them.  i want to have a finished piece, dammit.

. . . and then mark dropped the THIRD spfbo where my book wasn't even first-draft-complete.

*shakes fist*

so, long-winded-style and with a heavy heart, i'm announcing my semi-retirement from the writing contest to work on my book -- i want to get the damn thing done.


but don't worry -- i still love you guys!

p.s.  if anyone wants to use my creepy pied-piper-zombie mashup idea, that be cool.  the dead within earshot are up and moving while he's playing his lute.  he stops and they all collapse, scattered throughout streets and homes.  he travels town-to-town, dragging along an ever-changing army as his song-zombies kill the local inhabitants and/or get left behind.

just quickly poking my head in for a minute -- love you guys, but my best friend in the whole world is visiting with his family, so we're doing all the fun things!  so, i'm gonna be pretty quiet this week.

save a scotch for me!

yay!  thanks, bea!

you guys are going to LOVE the one i'm writing this month.  hee hee!

the history of the world is a good place to mine for fantasy ideas, right?


^ I like that, except the cheese dipping bit, hehe

they were delicious!!


omg, you guys!  look what just came out today!!


they're like chicken nuggets!  if chicken nuggets were thin, crispy, chip-shaped, and you dipped it in cheese!!

Interesting. I did not know that was even a term.
So here's another part of that idea then. When Congress is considering the budget, what if they knew what people wanted the budget to look like. So, people still check those boxes every month for what they want there money to go toward, and then Congress gets a list of how that budget would look if it were implemented. Then they base their decision off of that. Or at least, they should. They may not. But it would at least be something.

I like this idea a lot.

the worst thing that happens with those kind of budget decisions is rural areas get screwed.  more people live in urban areas, so more money goes to urban areas handling things urban people think is important.  (then, re-double that with the fact over half the u.s. population lives in coastal counties)  that already happens to some extent because of the congress-squeaky-wheel-constituents thing, but it would get way, way worse if it was codified.

but, more to the point of why i poked my head in here.

man, how about comey, eh?

watched hannity last night.  i really don't understand why people can't tell the difference between:
"we're pissed off the director of the fbi made some terrible decisions in an unprecedented election year, so rather than obama prematurely firing comey outright, we're going to investigate why he made those decisions and take the appropriate action."

and this:
"we're batshit-outraged the president fired the head of the fbi, who just happens to be the third person he's fired who was investigating him.  and do it because of something the fbi director did last year, before he was president, yet after the president recently praised him for doing that very thing, but right as the director was asking for more funds for the investigation.  on what happened to be the day the first subpoenas went out.  and on the advice of someone who has recused himself from both russia AND clinton's emails.  all this regardless of the fact the director's behavior was already being properly addressed."

which means, of course, the best-case "wtf?!?!" scenario is:
the president is unilaterally making a breathtakingly impetuous decision, preempting any results coming from the full investigatory committee already assigned to deal with the matter.

and, of course, the worst-case? full-on obstruction of justice, impeachment, and jail.

there is no hypocrisy here.  it's perfectly acceptable to hold multiple things as "bad" at the same time because they can have varying degrees of "bad".

sure, you're goddamn pissed some dude stole your bike.  but that's a whole different animal than "that guy put two bullets in the thief's head, is still keeping my bike, and thinks i should be grateful about the whole thing."

both are bad.  one is just far, far worse.  and you can be outraged about BOTH of them without showing any stupid hypocrisy.

ffs, people.  c'mon!

the political right is showing the logical prowess of a 6 year-old right now, and has some SERIOUS issues with false equivalency.

edit:  btw, only 15% of the united states population lives in rural areas:  https://www.yahoo.com/news/census-rural-us-loses-population-first-time-040425697.html

if i was there, bea, i'd totally tackle you in a huge hug -- like that tiger -- and squeeze!

tho, not too hard, because, after the tackle, we'll both probably be bruised from hitting the ground and tumbling.  i mean, then you'd REALLY hate things.  so maybe we should put on some pads or armor or something first?  or find a trampoline?  one of those big, billowing cushions like stuntmen use?

hrm . . .

on second thought, there's a lot of work going into this.  would it be okay if it was just a big hug and no tackle?


General Discussion / Re: Congratulations to Peat - Saturday May 6
« on: May 08, 2017, 02:28:41 PM »
yee-haw!  those photos totally give me permagrin!

congrats, man!

So Mrs. Gem and I have reconciled. A tiring but happy ending.

cheers to the news!  woo hoo!

*slides a tall glass of blue prosecco down the bar toward tgc -- oddly, it doesn't tip over*

side note:  in grade school, i had one class, where out of 25 kids, 5 of us were named chris.  and that didn't even count the girl named christine.  i mean, my nametag had to say "chris ch." because i wasn't even the only "chris c".

yeah.  using google maps is a must for me.  all the time.  even just heading home from work.

a) i'm really good with maps, but have an awful, abysmal, terrible innate sense of direction.  so i need the compass and map to do things like get me out of a stupid, maze-like american parking lot when i can't tell by the sun (it always seems like i'm stuck midday) or see the ocean.  once i'm oriented, i'm good.

b) traffic, man.  traffic.  finding the best way home, dodging accidents, saving time.  my commute is about 40 minutes of driving 15-20 miles of back-streets, traveling from the west side to the north side, and depending on the fastest route.  google is awesome at helping here.  especially in large, u.s. cities.

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