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Have you got the same accent? if I drove 2 hours in any direction I would hear different accents  ;D

heh.  nope.  it's like a 2-day drive in any direction to hear a different accent.

Awesome! *like*

So... how's your book coming along. ;)

omg.  slowly and painfully.  brightside?  progress.  lameside?  progress is about 100ish words a day.  it's going to be the longest amount of time anyone has ever taken to write the last chapter and a half of their story.

also, work is being all dumb and demanding right now, so digging up non-exhausted motivation to write is brutally hard.

It's easy for us Europeans to forget how far away you Americans can be from each other in the same country.

indeed.  it's a 2-hour train ride to get from where i live in san diego to where bradley lives in l.a. -- and we're both in southern california.

so, bradley was in san diego for a bit -- so, we went out to get some sushi!

bradley:  "hey chris, aren't we supposed to take the photo of our backs?"
me:  "oh, wait -- that's rig . . . "  *CLICK*
bradley:  "um."
me:  *shrugs*  "you look awesome!  we're posting it!!"

p.s.  that may or may not be an accurate representation of our conversation.

I just had reason to post on box.com some music my Dad used to sing. (His Parkinson's prevents that now.) They are mostly silly songs about Maine, written by a friend; along with a few more serious and a few my father wrote or co-wrote. If anyone has interest in listening, send me a PM with a RW email address so I can do the "share this directory" thing.

Or @m3mnoch or others more knowledgeable than I can tell me how to post the songs someplace where I can then share links.

box is cool.  or you can always upload them to soundcloud.  share them with the world.

What was the artist's name?  :D The drawing looks awesome!

He goes by L3monJuic3.

I hope he gave his parents hell for that.  :P

yes!  3s for Es all the way!

[MAY 2017] Music / Re: [May 2017] - Music - Voting Thread
« on: June 06, 2017, 03:27:56 PM »
files updated!

one of these days, i should spend the time to fix that multi-paragraph-italics bug.

um.  i don't get it.

can someone explain that series of pictures to me?

keep in mind, it's saturday night in california and i may or may not be on my second whiskey.

Do you want to post it here, so we could give title suggestions?
Or do the discord thing, hehe?

oooh!  discord is perfect!  you're a thinker, you are!

so, of course i procrastinated on my wip (srsly.  with only two chapters left for the first draft) to take an hour this morning and sketch something up for this contest.

now, all i need is a clever title.  who wants to help me with that?

btw, check out the sample entries:  https://chris-wakefield-ngjy.squarespace.com/competition-entries


uh . . . but . . .

M3m, did you just respond to my tongue-in-cheek driving advice to a visually impaired person with ... a picture?  ;D

heh.  yup.  that's why i captioned it -- grinning the entire time.

well played, sir.  well played.


uh . . . but . . .

darn you, @xiagan!  this is going to be so hard NOT to write for!

*grumbles about wips*

yay!  congrats, @Nora!  i used my one vote on your story!

i ended up not using the second vote because i couldn't decide who to give it to between @LightRunner, @Jmack's poem (i nearly voted for a poem!!), and the second of the anonymouses.  sorry about that, guys.  i just couldn't choose.  luckily, my dropped vote wouldn't have pushed anyone into the winner's circle.  i'd have felt really bad then.

heh.  that being said, i wonder how many times i've voted myself out of a first-place tie.  in the last two years i've been writing in here, i think i've only _not_ picked the eventual winner once or twice.  and pretty sure if i had a dime for each second-by-one-vote finish i've had, i could totally buy myself a stick of gum.  maybe two.

yeah.  that doesn't seem optimal.  it should be temporary, tho.  fo' sho'.

despite a year or so of tinkering, the first time i had a vr freakout was only a couple months ago.  i was in a passive-experience-just-checking-out-a-super-high-res-movie-quality-cgi demo with k-2so.  we had his "last stand" queued up.  the storm troopers were banging on the door and i was standing there, looking up at a really tall k-2so (he's 7'1") and marveling at the grit and dirt in his joints -- when he decided to walk right through me to get to the door.

totally jumped and squealed like a 3 year-old child.

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