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Thanks again!  There were many great stories in May, and it was so hard for me to choose.  The 3 votes helped though. :)

Oh, wow!  Hooray!  Thanks everyone!   ;D

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It required some effort to put together, particularly in a second language, but I'm very satisfied with the outcome  :)

It's lovely.  Very sad and wistful....  :)

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I'm up!  Can't wait to read everyone's stories!   ;D

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Only the Wise Wish for Death
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If she touched it, she would die.  That much was certain.  What kind of death she would suffer was not as clear.  At least, she wasn't sure if she believed what the Wiser had told them about death. Aradia extended a tentative finger, stopping just a hair's breadth away from the glass jar.  The air pulsed and rippled around the aster.  Startled, she snatched her hand away and shuffled back until she was pressed against stone.

"Playing with death is not a game for young girls."  The dry, familiar voice welled up from the blackest corner of the cave.

Caught.  "I - I wasn't...," she began as a hunched figure stepped forward.

"Has the sickness taken you then?" the old woman demanded.  When Aradia didn't answer, she spat and then swept the fallen cloth back over the glass.  The dim blue light that had illuminated the cracks and crevices of the walls disappeared.

Aradia gasped when the Wiser grasped her wrist.  The woman was swift and silent, despite her gnarled limbs.

"I asked you a question girl.  I'll throw you back where you came from if you don't tell me right now. Is the sickness in you?"


The old woman peered up at her, and seemed to come to a decision.  "Get on with you!" she snapped, releasing Aradia's wrist.

Aradia fled from the dancing caves, stumbling and scraping her hands on the sharp gravel as she made her way up the path and through the moonless night.

When her bedmate shook her awake the next morning, Aradia half hoped that the meeting in the dancing cave had been a dream.  She couldn't be sent away, not now.  The Wisers only took girls once every ten years; if she hadn't been selected, she would have been dead by now.  And not the half death every Wiser sought, but the full death of eternal blackness and loss of self.

At table, the other girls stared at Aradia's scratched and torn hands.  Self-consciously, she tucked them under her napkin as the porridge was doled out.  Only when the others began to eat did she raise her own spoon, taking care to hold her hand in a way so as to conceal her injuries.

The Wiser sat silent and watchful at the head of the table.  She is an ugly woman, Aradia thought as she swallowed her food.  But, she reminded herself, the aster's half death doesn't grant beauty, only power.

"I took a walk last night," the Wiser said, breaking the noise of clinking spoons and glass.  "The aster was glowing bright."

The room fell silent.  Aradia felt her heart begin to pound.

"It seems there is one among you who feels she is ready to take the ultimate vow, to live through the half death."

A collective gasp moved down the table.  Sunlight slanted through the tall beveled windows, casting its hopeful glow over the girls, but all Aradia felt was heat; heat beaming through the glass, slicing into her, laying her open for them all to see.  It was forbidden, absolutely forbidden to consider the half death before permission was given.  And Aradia had no permissions here.  Not yet.

“But it is too early for us, Wiser,” one of the girls finally said.  Her voice trembled.  “Is the sickness here?"

"The sickness," the Wiser agreed, folding her hands beneath her chin.  It was a young gesture, one used by coquettish girls, not old women.  Her eyes glittered.  "In all of history, since the land was first molded and the oceans first poured, no one has touched the aster without the blessing of the previous Wiser."  Her voice was quiet with anger.  “I have given no blessings.”

Aradia shivered.  What had she done?  But she knew; she knew why she had crept through the night to the dancing caves, knew why she had slipped the cover off the aster, and knew why she had almost, almost touched it.

The Wiser's eyes flashed.  "I do not plan to leave this earth today, nor tomorrow, nor the day after that," she continued.  "The full death will not find me for years to come.  But one would give it to me today - last night in fact."  She pursed her lips thoughtfully. "So, what am I to do?"

No one was eating anymore.  All eyes were fixed on the old woman.

"The test, Wiser," answered a girl in a small voice.

The Wiser said nothing and smiled.  Aradia felt dark eyes slide to her face, felt the porridge rise in her throat.  The meal continued in silence.

Aradia worked hard all day, scrubbing the floors of the library and halls, spinning thread until her fingers ached, trying to keep busy, trying to stay unnoticed, trying to keep thoughts of the aster at bay.

The half death would give her power.  The half death would wash away the memories.  The half death could bring her peace.  She believed it now, she realized. Just last night she had not been sure, but the fear and anger in the Wiser's eyes were enough to convince her.

When the Wiser came for her in the night, Aradia was not scared.  She knew she had what they called ‘the sickness’; it was only a matter of time before the Wiser discovered it.

"The sickness," the Wiser began as if reading her thoughts, "takes only the weakest of souls."  She was leading Aradia back down the winding gravel path to the dancing caves.  "It preys on those that have suffered, rots their minds, and draws them to madness and then the full death.  Is that what you want girl?"

Aradia didn't answer.  Her heart thumped in her chest as she thought of the aster within.  She was not afraid.  She would not die the full death, no matter what the Wiser said.

It was black as pitch inside the cave; Aradia had to listen to the crunching of the Wiser's feet to guide her own.  Down, down they went until the scent of green things disappeared.

We should be there by now, Aradia thought. It wasn't nearly as far last night.

"Stop," instructed the Wiser. 

Aradia halted.  The dark was thick and empty around her.  There was a sharp scratching noise and suddenly the cave was illuminated with yellow firelight.

The Wiser secured the torch and hobbled over to Aradia.  "Come."  She beckoned and turned away, toward the sound of trickling water.

This is not where the aster was kept.  “Aren't you going to give me the test?" Aradia asked.  The Wiser offered no answer, so Aradia scurried after her.

They paused at the edge of an underground stream.  The Wiser turned to look at Aradia, her eyes flickering in the light that still reached them from the torch.

“Do you think I would allow it; you who is new and untried, the last of my girls?”

Stunned, Aradia could only stare.  The Wiser took a step closer.

“Only the very best, the brightest, are chosen.  Only after years of dedication to our craft is a girl permitted to take the test.  Unless…”  She shuffled to Aradia’s side.  “There is one with the sickness.  I see it in you now.”

“Then…then you must let me take the test.” 

A sudden cold swept through the cave.  It swirled around Aradia's arms and legs, whispering as it went.  Another waft, another whisper.  Another, another, another until she was surrounded by voices. The Wiser lifted her arm.  In the dim light, Aradia saw a flash of cold silver.

"The test!" Aradia demanded. Her bravado had left her and she backed slowly away.  "I know I will pass the test!"

“I am not ready, and I will not be followed by one such as you.”  The Wiser held up her sickle shaped blade.  “The Wisers before me will witness this purge; it is my choice, my right.” 

When the Wiser leapt, Aradia dove, rolling away.  The voices screamed and wailed as she dragged herself up and ran.

"Not without permission!" they shrieked.

Aradia fled the torchlight, plunging into darkness.  She turned a corner and then another.  The voices followed her and she felt, rather than saw, the Wiser at her neck. 

She melted into the wind, Aradia thought madly.

She ran into something hard and then there was a loud crash.  The room flooded with blue light, blinding her.  When her eyes cleared, she saw the aster lying on the floor.  Like before, the air pulsed and shimmered around it.

"Never without permission!" the voices screamed.

“It is my choice, it is my right!”  The Wiser flew into the room and flung herself at Aradia.

Aradia dove into the shattered glass, grabbing the aster. There was a brilliant flash and then all went dark.

"Aradia?  Aradia?  Are you alright?"

A hand shook her shoulder.

"Aradia, where is the Wiser?"

The Wiser smiled and opened her eyes for the first time.

LOVED the scene with Brienne and the Hound. I was on the edge of my seat the entire fight, with my face half covered with a pillow. Egads! When she bit off his ear!!!!

Also, when Tyrian found Shae in his Father's bed... I knew it was coming but oh, the betrayal!

Truly spectacular finish. Can't believe we have to wait nearly another year to continue the journey...

[Jun 2014] - Taboos / Re: [June 2014] - Taboos! - Discussion Thread
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Intriguing!  Hopefully I will have time this month to participate - this one sounds fun.

So guys, once the results come out for the Portals theme, would anyone be interested in arranging some critiques for their portal work in the discussion thread? I thought it might helpful for anyone who entered if they wanted to get a bit more feedback on their work. I figure anyone could just shout out if they'd like a critique and then anyone else who wants to could write back to them with some pointers. I didn't get a chance to enter this time but I'd be happy to contribute and we could make it a monthly thing if it works out well. Would love to know your thoughts. :)

LisaElle, I really like this idea.  Perhaps a separate thread each month that goes up after the winner has been announced?  I'm thinking that critiques shouldn't start until voting is over...don't want to influence anyone.

Also, you have Pan's Labyrinth, the movie by Guillermo del Toro. An absolute masterpiece (metascore of 98/100, if you mind that stuff.)

Oh yeah ... that's amazeballs.

Hands down, one of my absolute FAVORITE movies.  Gorgeous story, visuals and characters.  In fact...think I'll go watch it right now...it's been awhile.

The previews look really good.  I'm super excited to see the back stories of Poison Ivy and Catwoman.  I maybe idolized them a little bit when I was growing up.  :D  Also - visually, it looks beautiful.

Fantasy Movies, Comic Books & Video Games / The Wil Wheaton Project
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Just curious...has anyone started watching The Wil Wheaton Project on Syfy?  I think 2 episodes have aired and I think it's pretty hilarious.  It's super nerdy and my husband can't stand it...but it had me giggling and snorting the whole way through.

Writers' Corner / Re: Laughing at your own work?
« on: June 05, 2014, 10:36:38 PM »
I think it's a great sign if you are affected by your own writing - laughing, crying, whatever.  Especially if its months after you have written it.  When that happens to me, it verifies that I've written something very true and honest.  After all, aren't we really putting ourselves down on paper - fears, wishes, sense of humor...?

congrats Ladygreen, very creative story by one very creative lady about another very creative lady

Aww, thanks again guys.  *blush*

Found this on the internet, thought it was worth sharing in here  ;) If only...

Too funny!  I love #6 from Braveheart.  Freeeeddoooooommmmm!   ;D

Arya's laughter was the highlight of the episode for me :)

Me too!  I love that she just broke down into hysterical giggles.  In that moment, you knew EXACTLY how she felt.

Cersei's little triumphant smile at the end made me wish someone would dump her wine cup over her head.  I didn't read beyond A Clash of Kings, so I really hope she gets what she deserves...

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